I have lymphodema in left hand and arm and another problem with my right hand and arm so wear compression things on both sides. I am gradually increasing the amount of exercise I do. My consultant said swimming and aqua fit would be good. I swam 5 lengths with arms ( more using just legs) and that was obviously too much as my hand was sore afterwards. Does anyone else swim. If you do how do you “manage” your arm so it gets some exercise and not too much? Do you wear a compression sleeve and glove while swimming? I don’t at the moment but wondered if this would help.

I don’t swim, but am having the same problem about finding the balance with regard to exercise and oedema in my arm and implant site.  If I do nothing, i have no swelling but go tight, and if I do too much I swell up and it is really uncomfortable. 


At the moment, (13 weeks post surgery) it seems to be a little and often, rather than anything else.  Have you tried the BCC dvd - my physio suggested it and it is really good - I am trying to do it every other day.  It is avaialble on this site.

I swim a lot and find it really helps I do or rather did 64 lengths before my pregnancy, (just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago) with no problems and was swimming 36 upto my last two weeks if pregnancy! I really feel like it gets the fluid moving around, but maybe what works for one person doesn’t for others x

I have lymphodema in my left arm but most swelling around armpit. I swim twice a week with my sleeve and find it a great help. The more you do the better it gets. I can really tell when I miss a week.