swine flu

I am half way through chem (epi and cmf ) and have been offered swine flu jab from GP. Has anyone else had this, and has anyone got an opinion as I am not sure. Jo


Yes I have 2 more cmf’s to go and had flu jab couple of weeks ago, need a second one next week, GP says chemo treatment patients need 2,. only side effect I had was sore arm for few hours.

take care x


I will be starting 6 cycles of chemo FEC on 17th Dec and when I asked chemo nurse if I should have it she said there really was not enough evidence to say swine flu jab is of benefit from chemo patients or people in gernals. My husband and I could not work out if she was giving a professional opinion that was clinically based or just a personal feeling she has about swine flu.

I am not sure what to do. Part of me says go get it (my OH will go if he absolutely has to have it but it will take some shoving to the surgery!). But as she made this statement and she should apparently know whats okay for chemo patients I’m confused. I am going to call my GP Monday to get his advice - anyone out there had something similar??

Leigh xx

Hi. I have had 2 Fec chemo’s so far, have my next one on wednesday.
I, my husband and my daughter all had the swine flu and the seasonal flu jab on thursday. I had to have them both in the same arm as have had surgery on right breast.
Had a headache for a couple of days and a sore arm, but apart from that no side effects.
I asked my chemo nurses what their advice was and they were happy for me to have it.
My daughter and husband had them too so that they weren’t a risk to me.
Hope that helps a little.
Debbie. xx

i wasnt going to have it and was supposed to get it two weeks ago 2 days after chemo but thought it wasnt of benefit for me as had seasonal flu jab, however was a gp yesterday and she was really keen for me to have it… as she say it would a pity to beat cancer to the die of swine flu… she said 2/3 of people dying from swine flu have underlying health conditions and in scotland the biggest risk of death was in the 40 to 60 age group… so gave in and had it done yesterday… have to go back in 3 weeks for second one.

it has caused a swollen and painful arm… i have had bilateral bc so opted to have in left arm as im right handed, but even slight movement hurts so taking strong analgesia and rubbing in brufen gel… hope its starts to get better soon.

cleesy i doubt very much there is research to back up that nurses personal opinion, especially as the NHS is really pushing for staff to have it too as frontline staff… and cancer patients are one of the high risk groups targeted to get it… i would suggest contacting the swine flu hotline and speaking to them for advice… also have a look here…
also have a read of this article from the nursing times based on a research in the lancet (a professional journal for doctors) relating to patients who are immunocompromised including those with cancer

Lulu x

Gosh, two injections? Great (NOT!)!!

I’m having mine next Thursday. Haven’t told the oncologist yet, but i’ll see him on Tuesday so will tell him then. Had the seasonal one just before 1st chemo.

I kinda think, why not, and agree with Lulu that it is those with suppressed immunity and underlying conditions that are most at risk, so why risk it? Maybe I am too trusting that the drugs do work… !

Hi everyone, I had my swine flu jab and a second one 2 weeks later both in the same (R) arm as had surgery on L breast. I believe when they give you 2 jags that they give you 2, half doses. I have been fine. The only time I notice my arm is “tender” is when I lie on it in bed. Both my daugher and husband got a swine flu jab, but only one ( full dose I suppose) and that was for my benefit as much as theirs as I was on chemo. Hope this helps. I was advised to have it by all the medical people I could corner! Hope this helps in your decision. LOve Val

I had the swine flu jab this week…slightly sore at injection area but fine. I’d had my bloods taken before hand, was in between chemo cycles and my bloods always bounce straight back so I only needed the one full dose. I am on Xeloda though which I understand is kinder than most chemos. But if your bloods recover well between cycles one injection may be absolutely fine. Do also make sure you are given the Celvapan vaccine if you have an egg allergy.