Switching from Epi to CMF

Switching from Epi to CMF

Switching from Epi to CMF Hi all,

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here as I still have 1 more epi to go, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me what its like when you change from epi to CMF?

I have seen all sorts of posts on here, many of them saying how much ‘kinder’ cmf is compared to epi, but recently I’ve seen some about ladies who’s doses have had to be reduced and things. The impending ‘change over’ is now playing on my mind and I’d be most grateful for some opinions. Well, to be honest I’m after reassurance but I know I may not get that as we are all honest on this site.

I am currently having accelerated epi, so have the neulasta injection the following day. Although the epi has been no bundle of laughs I do think the neulasta has massively helped me and I think I’ve fared quite well considering. I’m now wondering whether the CMF will hit me double hard as I will no longer be having this inj.

I’m also wondering exactly why some people have had to have their doses reduced. Is it because of severe unwanted side effects? I was a baby when I had my first epi and I’ve no doubt I will be when it comes to the CMF! Although I’m trying to tell myself that surely it can’t be as harsh or they wouldn’t be able to give it so close together.

Any help, tips or guidance would be very much appreciated as ever,



Hi Kelly

I found the side effects of cmf less severe than the epi, although the side effects I did get, mainly tiredness, seemed to last longer. I think that was just a build up of the treatment though. I did end up being neutropenic back in March so had to have neulasta after my last cmf.

I have heard that if you find the epi hard you will find cmf easier and vice versa, but everyones different, One good thing though is that your hair will start to grow back on cmf. Every cloud eh!

Good luck and take care

Hiya Kelly - your chasing after me…

I’m on day 13 of the first cycle so can only give you info on it so far…

Unlike epi that I found didn’t have much of an effect whilst being pumped in I find that with the CMF you get a feeling of being drunk which isn’t brill but doesn’t last too long. they dont give you any of the strong anti sickness tablets and you don’t really need them - sickness level is sooo much better. I only took 2 of the medium anti sickness tablets after the first shot of CMF so the nurse agreed that I could half my steroids on the second dose which I have found to be fine. Side effects I have had are some mouth ulcers, diarohea (SP?) tiredness as usual and concentration level of a gnat. Thats all I hope is that it continues this way!!!

Hi Kelly,
I too had Epi CMF and following a real hard time on the Epirubicin I found the CMF a walk in the park in comparison. I had very minimal nausea and no vomiting at all after being horrendously sick on the Epirubicin. I was warned that I may get bad mouth ulcers but was not bothered by this at all. I really had no problems on the CMF but of course everyone is different. YES, my hair grew back! It started about 6 -8 weeks after my last Epi and I had enough hair to go out scarf free 3 months after my last Epi. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Hope CMF is kind to you too.


Thanks ladies Hi ladies,

Thanks very much for replying, much appreciated. I’m defo following you Kelyn, you can be my guinea pig! Ha ha, LOL! Think I’m gonna take an ice lolly to suck whilst having the CMF as a friend of mine says one of them doesn’t taste v.nice and it gets right up your nose. Not looking forward to the 1st one at all to be honest, bet I won’t be complaining so loudly about epi then though!!

Take care and thanks again,


Hi Kelly,

I forgot to mention the nose thing with CMF - yes it did effect my nose but there was no effect on taste buds with me.

I believe I had a relatively good time with EPI other than 2 chest infections and was very worried that CMF would hit me hard. I know its early days for me as yet but so far so good - I would say this is easier than EPI (other than when it goes into your arm - yucky head feeling)

I stressed to the chemo nurse that I was worried it was not doing it’s job as I was feeling much better than I expected and she said straight away -just look at your toenails (2 fallen off) and your hair gone it shows its doing its job. Even though I feel reasonable good I couldn’t go to work as I know I’d fall asleep and would get everything wrong due to zero concentration. I’ll be glad when this first cycle is over as each day I expect the nighmare side effects to happen but touch wood they’re going to stay away.

One thing I am having since I started on CMF are hot flushes - just wait, you’re in for a real treat NOT!!!

Oh nice! LOL! Hi Kelyn,

my little guinea pig!! Was debating whether I may be able to drive myself to and from chemo once I change but I reckon prob best not to! Loads of ladies have now mentioned that yucky head feeling and I can’t say I’m looking forward to experiencing it all that much. This chemo lark is no barrel of laughs is it??!!

Thanks v.much for mentioning about the hot flushes. I was actually planning to go out and buy a new fan tomorrow and I reckon I definately will now! I had previously debated trying to go back to work whilst on CMF but am definately not going to bother now. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything at the mo so would prob be next to useless.

I really hope the nightmare side effects you are antcipating continue to stay away and your CMF progresses quickly and relatively painlessly,

Keep in touch, I am very keen to know how you’re doing (and not just because you’re my guinea pig!),

Take care,