Swollen boob

I had WLE end of March and finished rads end of June. My boob has had its up and downs throughout recovery and I thought the worse was over. This week it has swollen again, it is stinging and now my nipple is irritated (friction on bra due to swelling?)  Has/is anyone else experiencing this, is it normal?  Any advice would be much appreciated. 


Hi Shell


Like you I had WLE and rads, finished May. My boob was slighty smaller than the other one. Now it has swollen and is a little larger than the other one. My scar feels tight when I raise my arm. I still do the exercises 3 times daily. I was paranoid I had lymphodema but I have none of the other symptons. Hopefully others who finished treatment earlier than us will be along to say it’s normal.


Sparkle xx

Hi ladies,


I too had a WLE then rads, finishing in April and my boob starting swelling a couple of months later so where it was a cup size smaller than the ‘normal’ one, it is now a cup size bigger and a bit achy/tender.  I had it checked at the lymphoedema clinic and was told it was just normal post-radiation swelling which was causing a bit of a drainage problem (ewwww!) but it would probably sort itself out in time.  I was told to go back to the clinic in 3/4 months if it was still a problem but they didn’t seem to think it would be.  Seems as if it is a fairly common reaction.




Thanks Sparkle and Sharon.  I’m seeing my BCN tomorrow. She said it may be linked to rads, however she would like to take a look to rule out over causes.  I’ll will let you know the outcome.


Saw my BCN and she said it most probably is inked ot rads. fluid build up. Im to give it a week and if no improvement Dr will arrange for it to be drained.  


I also had my wle in March and rads finished in June just started to notice the boob getting swollen. Rang bcn and she said probably nothing but booked me into a one stop clinic on the next couple of weeks to get it checked out . Reassuring to see others are having the same issues x

Hi Sparkle
I saw my consultant today and was told the same and she also did a quick check of both boobs so all good.
Take care Blossom xx

Sorry you are both going through this too, Sparkle and Blossom, but so glad I’m not alone.

Shell x