Swollen to the size of an apple..Advice?

Hey Everyone,

My arm pit area is about the size of an apple now and more uncomfortable than a week after mastectomy and lymph node removal surgery !!  2weeks today since operation  and only in last 3days it has started to give me jip!! Is that normal considering i felt ok until now?(no temp or sign of infection)

Hi Debs


Sounds like a seroma to me, I also got one in my armpit and it was very uncomfortable. I was determined to get rid of it as they can hang around for weeks and it was driving me crazy.



I have a slug under my arm pit - 3cm long. It has been scanned and is not seroma but a reactive lymph gland - get the BCN to check it out.  It was really painfull, stopped arm movement and felt like a huge kidney shape under the skin.


It is going down with less exercise! and gentle mlymphatic massage in the area but not on it.