Symmetry - Fat transfer from breast to breast

Hi - I’m wondering if anyone can help -  I had high grade DCIS three years ago and had a SMX with DIEP reconstruction, however my reconstructed breast has always been quite a bit larger than my healthy breast and I feel so lopsided - three years on I feel I’m ready to consider surgery again…

I’ve just seen my PS about my symmetry - he has suggested reducing my reconstructed breast with liposuction and using some of the fat taken out from that breast and transferring it into my other breast to slightly fill it, (I had a small lumpectomy quite a few years ago), giving me better symmetry for both.  He seems confident with this procedure and says that its an option quite a few women take, I feel happy that there is a natural option for me to regain some symmetry, however he said one of the down sides is that the transferred fat may show up as calcification on a mammogram, when in fact it isn’t - has anyone else experienced this procedure? Thank you x

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