Symptoms and Worry....

OK this could be a bit of a long moment, I have vulval carcinoma and have had full hysterectomy and vulvectomy. Am on Oestrogen only HRT. The vulval cancer has also been found in my vagina and urethral which were removed with surgery. However these cancers and precancerous conditions have been caused by the HPV virus, or which I have both the most frightening strains for developing cancer. About 2 months ago I noticed what I thought was a lump just above my left nipple and tenderness in left armpit. When I saw my gynae oncologist 2 weeks ago I asked her whether this could have been a side affect of HRT and as she didnt think so she did a physical check on my breasts, she also felt the lump and found the tenderness in armpit. I had to go back to hospital the next day and had a check with breast cancer surgeon who said she couldnt feel the lump by the nipple however she could feel thickening towards armpit but on the left breast. I had mammogram and ultra scan and all they showed were tender thickening and was told not to worry. My breast still feels very uncomfortable and I can still feel the area above my nipple. When they did the ultra scan they only scanned the area where the breast surgeon had felt the thickening and didnt seem concerned about my nipple area. I have also had itchy nipple and shooting pains on odd occassions on that breast. Now I am a large breasted lady so understand gotta a lot of fat to go through, but I am still worrying, especially with my history, does anyone have any suggestions or does everyone think I am concerning myself needlessly.l;I am 47



I’m sorry you’re having such a bad time. I know what its like to constantly worry that maybe something has been checked. I’m awaiting a biopsy result, that I had done Monday and I feel in complete limbo myself. I would go back and speak to your doctor about any concerns you’ve got. At the end of the day you’re only going to worry yourself unless you ask them to check this thickening out. You never know they may have already looked at that already when they assessed your thickening in your armpit. So go back and tell them your concerns and explain that your nipple is itching you and causing you distress. At the end of the day your peace of mind is the main thing. 


I will be thinking of you and big cyber hugs sent your way. Please let us know how you get on.




Hi jenson0412,

Laura is absolutely right. You need to have your mind put totally at rest. Sometimes, the medical fraternity forget about an individual’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. When I felt a lump a few weeks after my mastectomy (on the same side, about 2 inches above the wound), my surgeon assured me it was nothing to be concerned about, and probably a bit of fat necrosis. I said to him “I’m glad you’re sure, but I also need to be absolutely sure!!” So I got an ultrasound… He was right, but I needed my mind put at rest.

Now, so do you. Go back, and don’t leave until you are satisfied with the outcome. You’ve had an awful time of it already; you don’t need any additional worries left unaddressed.

Best of luck, and let us know how you go. Love Mel. xxx

Bless you. You’ve really been through the mire. I will be thinking of you. God bless. X