Symptoms of Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed in November 2008 and am a little way on my journey. I decided to add My Experience to the forum as I have frequently searched for information to help me over the last few months.

This is my first post which details my symptoms.

I started out with an awareness that something wasn’t right and so saw my GP who referred me to the hospital. At the hospital I saw a consultant who said I had a slight thickening and arranged for me to have a mammogram same day, this showed up clear. The thickening was explained as a “time of the month” hormonal thing and I was sent away. No follow up appointment was arranged.

I continued to have the feeling that something wasn’t quite right but kept putting it to the back of my mind thinking it was “time of the month” and one of those things.

The next time I was referred to the hospital was after I spoke to my GP because I was having a discharge of blood from my nipple. Within 2 weeks of seeing the GP I was at the hospital, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy all in the same day. Follow up appointment and results 1 week later.

Hindsight - go with your gut, I should have persisted with a follow up and not put it to the back of my mind each month. The months quickly passed by and when I was diagnosed with BC it was 3 years later.

I hope that this information helps someone else out there.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am waiting to be seen at a breast clinic about a lump and it’s helpful to read other people’s stories and it makes me feel more sensible about getting the lump checked and less like I’m “making a fuss” about nothing.

I hope you are doing well at the moment.

Rosie xxx

i am so worried i found a lump 3 weeks ago and went to my gp who refered me to the breast care clinic, i went and they did mamogram, ultra-sound and they then did a biopsy also from under my arm, they then took blood tests and sent me for a chest xray,i have got to go back in a week for results but because they did all those test i am thinking that it is a forgone conclusion that i have bc,my sister had bc 6 years ago age 40 and is doing fine now and my grandma on my dadas side who was 69 also had bc, so i am scared witless as to what i am going to be told, i have 2 young boys 9 and 6 and i keep thinking what will i tell them
has anyone else had all thoose test and it be clear thanks

Hi love.Those tests are known as a triple assessment and are the standard assessment protocol for any woman with a breast lump.Remember that 9 out of 10 breast lumps are benign but because this site is mainly for people with breast cancer you wont find many of those 9 on here:-)Those who have looked often dont come back if they are all clear so dont worry if you dont get many responses.Do ring the BCC helpline and someone will talk through your worries with you.Even if you do have bc all is not doom and gloom.
Good luck,Valxx