Syringe driver for sickness meds

Hi, I am on day 10 after my first fec. I ended up in hospital for 4 days the day after my chemo, unable to eat or drink, so needed Iv fluids and sickness meds Iv. I have a huge sickness phobia and got into such a state,mi swore I wasn’t going back for any further chemo. Anyway first day really of feeling halfway human again, although appetite still very low, but trying little and often.

Options for my next poison have been to reduce the dose of chemo, and have my sickness meds via syringe driver. I’ve also to be referred to psychologist and I went to a hypnotherapist yesterday and I’m hopeful that’ll help me.

I’m just wondering if anyone had their chemo reduced and if this made a difference, and also has anyone had syringe driver for their sickness meds, and did this make a difference?

Many thanks xxxxx

Have they offered you any anti depressants?? I had lorazepam which basically zones you out a bit and therefore is supposed to help with the sickness. I’m not sure if it helped me, but worth talking to your onc to see if it’s worth a shot?