T.E.N.S. machine

T.E.N.S. machine

T.E.N.S. machine Hello,

I wonder if any one has had experience of the TENS treatment, I am thinking of getting one for my tennis elbow which is an ongoing problem. I have had a mastectomy and have lymphoedema on the opposite side to the tennis elbow, it has been with me for a few years now as that arm gets used so much.

I was also wondering if I could use the TENS treatment very near the mastectomy scar I have, as I have been left with a small patch just above the scar which is extremely painfull, also on my back on the side that has the lymphoedema, I get a painfull patch in the muscle just under my shoulder blade, I was hoping that the TENS may be of help with this.

Has anyone who has tried a TENS for pain ever been warned not to use it near the site where the cancer was. My biggest worry is that it could start up the cancer, or make the lymphoedema worse.

Id be grateful for anyone’s views and experiences on this please.



Sheena if you do gentle circular massage on painful bit under shoulder blade it should help. Better still [with arm up in the air] GCM from elbow all the way to axilla prior to back.
Hope it helps, dilly