TAC advice please

Hi, I’m starting my chemo this morning and having TAC and would really appreciate any advice, useful tips etc from anyone having or had this type of Chemo. It doesn’t seem to be one of the common ones to have so struggling to gain info from people who’ve been through it. My Oncologist has warned me that it’s a very tough regime and has (in his own words) scared me to death! He said I need to prepare myself for a tough ride so any advice will be VERY much appreciated…thank you in advance x

Hi mariecay, not sure if we’ve chatted before. I had 6 TAC from August to dec just gone.
It is definetly a hard chemo but its only looking back that I can really see this, in the middle of it you are just doing it and taking everyday as it comes.
First 2 sessions really weren’t that bad at all, taste does go pretty quick, by day 5 everything tasted like cardboard and oral thrush kicked in, I was prescribed fluconaziole and nystatin which really helped. My hair started to fall out day 18 of first chemo so shaved it off !!! How easy that sounds ( I was so upset but soon accepted it).after the 2 nd chemo I felt fine on week 3 and even went on holiday for a week.
3 rd chemo on we’re a lot harder ( but doable), cumulative se’s creep in, tiredness, physical exhaustion after small activities it can be frustrating. I’d have a small walk or go upstairs and be short of breath and muscles in thighs would ache and burn quite a lot ( paracetamol, brufen and a hot water bottle are useful).
Bowel issues are common , ( diarrhoea or loose stools ) for about first 10 days and wind!!! I could beat my OH and that takes some doing.
I was never advised to paint nails dark but had read about it on this forum so did so, I also bought evonail on line which stops uv rays I think, fingernails all fine, toenails were ok until after I finished and then appeared bruised but getting better now , just dosent look so nice.
My onc also said its tough but did say let’s give you the best chance there is!! So try to remember that in the bad days, and not all the days are bad I still went out etc but normally in third week, I also did an injection everytime 24 hours after chemo, nuelasta ( spelt wrong) which boosted white cell count I was also fairly sensible and lucky avoided any colds etc whilst in treatment but its difficult to avoid germs, just sensible precautions and alcohol gel etc ( supermarkets trolley handles are big hanger oners of germs) !!!
Kept eyebrows and eyelashes all the way through, ironically eyelashes have completely gone now but all after chemo!!!
At the end I was really exhausted with a general low feeling I couldn’t shake of but can only see that now that I’m feeling ok, it takes a while to feel somewhat better and I know I’m not there yet but getting there, legs ache much less, have numbness in fingers and feet which is still there, annoying but no longer painful. Can now exercise without feeling short of breath , just waiting for some hair now.
I saw the onc after it had all finished and he told me its the hardest chemo he prescribes, gold standard, gets excellent results ( although no guarantee, wish they wouldn’t give with one hand then take with the other!!!), he said he would never give it to any one over 50 or who isn’t physically or mentally well.
On days when I felt awful imjustbtried to tell myself if it can make me feel like this then what is it doing to any c cells, blasting them into oblivion I hope!!
It’s not all terrible I really did have good days the 3 rd week really is ok apart from not being able to taste anything. Just get plenty of rest and listen to you body.
If you need to pm feel free, I kept in touch with someone who’s had TAC and it helped me.
Good look today, by the way I took antisickness tablets as prescribed and was never sick or really felt it that much so that was a bonus for me, I think the sickness is more common with fec!!!
Be kind to yourself and ask for help when you need it, let me know how your getting on, (((( hugs)))) ju x

I’m due to start TAC on the 17th, thank you so much for taking the time to post the info below, as Marie mentioned, there does not seem to be as many on this regime as on FEC … We must be considered tough birds! I’m off to see the chemo team on the 13th for a clearer plan of what I have to do. Funny old thing I was an oncology nurse back in the late 80s, but hey treatment now is TOTALLY different. I reckon we can reclassify breast cancer as just a chronic illness!