Take part in OPTIMA prelim trial or not?

Having had a mastectomy and axillary clearance recently, my oncologist has asked if I would like to take part in the OPTIMA prelim clinical trial. Has anyone else made this decision recently? If so, how did you decide? Were there any particular factors that you felt were important in making your decision? I have all the information leaflets so feel well informed about what the trial would involve but would love to have any advice or thoughts from someone who has been in this position. Thank you!

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Have just found your post and thought I would let you know that I was also invited to take part in this study. I read through all the information and, after much discussion with family, decided to go for it. I was lucky enough to fall into the group that was tested and the result came back saying chemo wasn’t required. I started the hormone therapy at the end of August (Letrozole) and will have my first review with the oncologist in August 2015. No significant side effects from the tablets, but am waiting on a bone density scan as osteoporosis can be one of them! Fingers crossed I’ve made the right decision. What about you? Did you decide to sign up for the trial and what treatment was finally necessary?
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Hi schooldaze
I have recently been diagnosed with dvt and would be really interested to hear about treatments. Currently on heparin. Thanks for any info.

Thank you for your reply.

I listened to the radio program and found it very interesting. I’m pleased the treatment is working well for you. I am currently on the injections and they are not fun, plus expensive for the NHS I would think as a lot of people have to have a nurse come in each day to do it. I will see how I go but at least I know now that there are alternatives.

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