taken off Tamoxifen

taken off Tamoxifen

taken off Tamoxifen Hi Girls
just to let you know I spoke to my BCN today after having another sleepless tearful night, were I did not see the point in carrying on, she has taken me off the Tamoxifen, immeadiately, and will be coming to see me, she told me that in a few cases Tamoxifen can cause depression, and it seems that I may be one of them, I feel better just knowing that I am not imagining these feelings and someone is finally agreeing with me that it is very real (to me anyway) I will be carrying on with the RADS 7 to go. If anyone out there is concerned as to the side affects of the drugs they are taking please talk to you Consultant or BCN we have enough to put up with without side affects as well, I will let you know if things improve
take care and loads of hugs

Hi Heather

Me too with Tamoxifen. I started it 6 weeks before rads. I couldn’t sleep, cried constantly and had really bad panic attacks. My BC nurse said it was Tamoxifen but offered no solutions. In the end, the radiotherapy staff reffered me to a MacMillan nurse as I cried all the way through each rads session and though the chest pains and breathlessness were a heart attack. My doctor had point blank refused to prescribe anti depressants and said he would give me 7 days of Diazepam if I promised to join a support group. The Mac nurse rang the surgery and told them I was severly depressed and needed anti depressants at which point they agreed. I have been on them for 6 months now and feel much better but have noticed recently that I feel a bit detached and unable to be interested in anything. Everything is a huge effort. I also had 2 sessions of Cognitive behavioural therapy during which I sobbed all the way through. The BC nurse has realised now how bad I feel and offered counselling but I feel able to cope better now. I have cut down my antidepressant dose by half and don’t panic now when I cry a lot and try to remember that the feeling will pass. I have had a lot of side effects from these bl**dy tamoxifen pills…very painful periods,skin rashes, feeling I have lost my mind, sleeplessness ( I used to wander around the house in the middle of the night crying), flushes, headaches and loss of concentration. I basically feel like I used to the week before my period most of the time. Never mind… six months gone, only 54 to go !!!

Hope you feel better soon Heather

Hi again

Just read your other posting where you mention nightmares. I am so pleased I read this as even now, 6 months on, I am getting really weird dreams/nightmares every night. Have developed the habit now of busying my self first thing when I wake and making myself not think about my dreams and I find the memory of them fades soon. I was dreaming about drowning babies and all sorts and was waking up really distressed. I thought it was a side effect of the anitidepressants. Have my next check up in September. Think I will ask to speak to BC nurse about this. Also not happy about the fact that each chemist I use keeps giving me different brands of Tamoxifen. Found one brand I felt were ok then the last batch they bought were different again. Asked doctor about getting Novaldex and he refused. Said they were all the same. Mind this is the same surgery that I had to fight with to get 2 months worth on one prescription.

Sorry for waffling