taking supplements on tamoxifen

hi all - i have just started taking my tamoxifen last week. i just wondered if anyone has any knowledge about whether its safe to take some supplements whilst taking tamoxifen?

i have been taking vitamin c, spirulina and wheatgrass powder in my juices and smoothies each day, thats it. but im not sure if any of these interfere with tamoxifen?

ive not seen anything on dr google to suugest i cant, but ive checked with my gp and bcn and they have no idea, and i dont see my oncologist until october/november, so i dont know who else to check with

has anyone seen anything or know anyting about this? anhyone else taking supplements ot vitamins whilst on tamoxifen?

Hi Jamesy

Could I suggest that you give the helpline team here a ring I’m sure they’ll be able to help you. Calls are free, 0808 800 600, lines open Mon to Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

I also take the same and think that all are fine. There is some research to suggest that grapefruit and soya could possibly effect tamoxifen but both are debatable depending on what point of view you take. Tamoxifen as I understand it try’s to stop thehormones in your body attaching to cancer cells which makes them grow. Effort the two foods mentioned also have a similar effect in the body and so may compromise the job the tamoxifen is trying to do.wheatgrass although disgusting is very very good for you. I also take tu,Eric in my broccoli and carrot juice every morning. Carrie

Hi there.
I take Turmeric supplements. 1 twice a day, alongside my Tamoxifen. i read an article recently about a woman who refused (?) to take tamoxifen and chose to eat a “spice rich eastern diet”. She had read somewhere that Turmeric was effective at causing cancer cell death. Google it!!
As I can’t bring myself to eat a curry EVERY single day, I take the Holland & Barrat supplement!
Plus I take 75mg Aspirin every other day, thanks to the following link. Weiterleitungshinweis
Have a look at “Foodforbreastcancer” website. Very good.

Oh, I’ll be looking at this thread closely as I’m also willing to know and won’t see my onc until November either. I am taking Tamoxifen while taking vitamin E supplements which are really helping my slow hair regrowth.

hi all - just wanted to add a wee update on this topic. since posting i have now spoken to both the BCC team on the helpline and to the nutrion company i buy the supplements through. they have both confirmed that it is fine for me to continue to take both the spirulina and the wheatgrass.
the nurse on the BCC helpline spent a good 15mins with me and checked their resources for any indications that i shouldnt be taking be taking these with tamoxifen and she said that both seem fine. the nutrionalist also checked all their resources and books and confirmed that as both spirulina and wheatgrass are classed as a ‘plant’, rather like brocolli or vegtables, they wont interact badly with tamoxifen and are not seen as a supplement in the traditional sense.
so after doing some further research on the web myself it seems many women are also taking these two things and have been told they are ok by pharmacist etc. i am happy to carry on taking them. i will check it with my onc next time i see her anyway, but it seems that they are ok.

Hi Ladies, Along with the BCC helpline another exelent scorce of info re the use of Herbs, Botanicals,Suppliments ect while undergoing cancer treatents can be found on the world renowned Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website where they have an A-Z data base of evidence based info including information re any known adverse reactions ect .
Hope this helps further.

Thanks a lot for the update!

interested in this topic. that sounds interesting about the vit E. my hair growth is very slow, 7 weeks post chemo. i have a good diet but would be nice to get a boost!