tamanu oil

Hi Ladies,

I have recently had my 4th op and someone suggested this oil as a scar reducing method to try. Does anyone know anything about this and is it alright to try?

Thanking you all in advance.

Best wishes to everyone for 2011.

Marjay xx

Dont know about tamanu oil, but my plastic surgeon recommended
Kelo-cote. Its a silicon gel and was great for me, my scars are minimum. I also used it on a recent throat surgery and I have no redness at all.
It is expensive, I think about £30, but I am still using the same small tube.

Thought you might be interested in this thread Ive kept bout reducing scarring. Im due a recon soon and am keen to use everything going to reduce effects of the surgery!!

Good luck


Hi, I had tram flap surgery 6 weeks ago, been using rio rosa mosquito oil. I have hardly any redness, especially round my nipple, can really recommend it, got it from a health store, cost about £10 I think for a small bottle. Worth googling for info on it. X