Tamoxafen = Stomach Bloated and Weight Gain. Help!

hello ladies

ive been on Tamox for just over a month now. I have put on weight - about 8lb so far, and have a really bloated stomach. Plus the usual hot flushes, etc.

Anyway, i am wondering how it’s best to get rid of the bloated stomach/and weight gain. Any tips would be great!

Ive already had my wle and chemo, and rads.

hiya - also just started tamoxifen (about 5/6 weeks can’t remember) feel a bit bloated but no weight gain - suggest that you just try to get a little more exercise if you can and perhaps cut the simple carbs/sugar back till you are yourself again. Very difficult I know. My onc said that tamoxifen would cause weight gain but the manufacturers website says there is no evidence so perhaps you are retaining a bit of water. If you are worried speak to the onc and put your mind at rest.

Hope you feel better soon xx

thanks for the suggestions, recs. Ive been trying to get out more for a walk, good idea to cut back on carbs and sugars too.

I’ve been on it for 5 weeks too, and have actually been losing weight ever so slightly. Howver, I have also been taking 1000mg of L-carnitine supplement, as someone mentioned that it had been used in trials to see if it boosted energy levels during radiotherapy - it burns fat and turns it into energy, so I am also hoping it would help me lose a few pounds too! It doesn’t seem to be harmful, so worth a try!

My energy levels are great so far (although I haven’t started running again yet), but then, I am only 1/3 of the way through rads!

If you search here: sciencedirect.com for ‘l-carnitine’ and then ‘breast cancer’ you’ll find a few articles about it.

I’ve had the weight gain too, although part of this was during the chemo and radio. I’m a year on since finishing all my treatment and am on Tamoxifen too. I’ve had to have time off work recently as I went back to teaching full-time for a term and the tiredness caught up with me.

To re-assure you about running and exercise. I’m a School Sports Coordinator so am used to exercising and feeling fairly fit and healthy. Lost that fitness during my treatment. However, I started off going for a walk everyday and I’m now started building up to a bit of jogging and walking. Makes you feel so much better. Might try the supplement mentioned though. The weight gain has been driving me mad!

Flora- thanks, will have a look at the website you were saying about.

Dorset- Sounds like you are doing great with your walking/jogging.

Ive been wearing my step counter more , to encourage me to walk further.

thanks for your replies.

Hope you don’t mind me adding my bit ! I was on Tam. for 4 months in that time I put on a stone , tiredness , skin reaction , shakes and had a really bloated stomach. Had to come off it because of phlebitus complications. I had returned to work and was fairly active obviously not as much as some of you ( I’m getting on abit and have arthritus ) but pretty good. Anyway Since coming off ( my prognosis is good so I declined anything else ) I’m feeling so much more my old self, bloating gone 1 month on and energy levels were so much more to my normal levels better still my head is my own … shame about the Pul. Embol. and heart attack!! but feeling so good as each day goes on. I know Tam. has a good track record but it just wasn’t for me.

laztdaisy - so sorry that you couldnt get on with the tamox. Im so pleased to hear that you are feeling more like yourself now.

Saw my gp yesterday, so said that they are usual side effects of tamox that i am having. Sweats, headaches, bloating, weight gain etc.

Eva have you asked the GP if it is fluid retention and if so can he/she give you something - reading the tamoxifen website weight gain is a possible but not common side effect (I’m paraphrasing) but water retention is pretty common so just wondered if it might be that since you are feeling bloaated also ? - no harm in asking …

Keep me posted. I’m on month 3 and feeling fine - bit wobbly round the tummy but only put on 1 lb last time I was weighed and that could be the time of day so nothing to report. I am making the most of the light evenings to get out walking - nosing at other peoples gardens !!

RECS- thanks for your reply.

I saw my gp Fri, and she said my stomach is water retention -and to keep up as much exercise as i can. Ive been wearing my step counter and trying to get to 10th steps a day.


Hi Eva

I have been on Tamoxifen since Jan and have put on half a stone. Don’t know if its down to bloating or whatever just know I needed to lose half a stone not gain one! Going to try Flora’s tip re
L-carnitine supplement - should help with the energy-levels too!

Eva make sure you drink loads of water - I’m no expert but I seem to remember that retaining water is a sign of light dehydration and if you are walking loads you might be a little light - will make you need to pee loads though !!


kyra- more energy sounds lovely!

recs- thanks, i do drink lots anyway, but i can always drink more… specially with this hot weather

I have been on tamoxifen for 6 mths.
I used herbal diuretics as i literally ballooned overnight-i weighted myself and put 4 pounds on in 24hrs!! They worked great and now i only take them about once a month.

They are dandilion based and they sell them in sainsburys.

good luck

Thanks for that evie - will get some herbal diuretics when I’m next in Sainsburys.

thanks evie, will have a look for dandilion.