tamoxifen again

hi ya all hope youve had a good xmas so far the reason i am on here is to ask if anybody premenopausels periods have stopped after taking tamoxifen i have been on it nine days was due on my period 5 days ago they are always regular and i haven,t had one not that iam complaining as i couldn,t think of anything better than my periods stopping as they were alway horrendous so if anyone on tamoxifen can help that would be great thanks again rose

Hi Roseric, i am 41 and was diagnosed in June 2010 so have been on Tamoxifen for over 18months now. The Tamox initially delayed my periods, then i had a gap of 3 months with no periods, and for the last year have settled into a pattern of a period every 6/52. I think it varies for everyone so there is no real pattern. My periods are much heavier but shorter now, i don’t have the pre-menstrual cramps but i do have a big mood dip for a few days before. Hope this helps.

Hi Roseric,
I’m 44 (just turned) and up until chemo started in March this year my periods were very painful and were accompanied by a migraine and nausea, started chemo and after round 2 they stopped and have not come back, I started tamoxifen nearly 3 months ago and still no sign of my monthly, I’m presuming thats it and that I am in full blown menopause all be it forced and early, I suffer with severe hot flushes and every now and then I get a low mood and feel aware of my ovaries kind of like when I had a period but no show, I no longer get the awful migraine or the nausea and actual sickness which is just fantastic only wish the hot flushes would go away they are so tiresome and find I wake-up at least 3 or 4 times a night with them.

I think it depends on your age and how near the menopause you were before you got dx. Hope this helps.
Love and light
sarahlousie xx