Tamoxifen again

finally jumped on the scales last night and i am horrified. I dont know whats happening to me.
Before i had chemo i was always 63 or at the most 64 kilos. In the middle of chemo i went down to 58 Kls. One and half years later i am now 76 kl. I just cant believe it. I am sure its this tamoxifen so what will i be like in another few years!. Three weeks ago i was 73kl so it just keeps going up and up.
Have started the running again from scratch.
First week - run 2 mins walk 4 X5
Have now done 3 mornings. It takes 10 weeks to get up to running 5 km so hope this works. I am now heavier than i was full-term carrying the kids and its difficult on my legs getting up the stairs.

Hi babe know how you feel started tamoxifen last nov ,before i started chemo last march i was 8 st jumped up to 9 during it .Had a double mastectomy in sept then had my ovaries removed 3mnth ago i am now 10 st ,bigger than i was when i was pregnant just cant shift any of it .I am away to start biking see if it makes any sort of difference .I look in the mirror and see this fat boobless person i am only 37 and people say you look fine but you know what like .Take care let me know if you start losing .Love jools xxxxxxxxxxx