Tamoxifen and bleeding

Looking for some advice before I bother my BCN by phone incase I’m being daft. I was diagnosed in February with TNBC, stage 1, grade 3 and No node involvement at 27. I immediately started fertility treatment to freeze my eggs before chemo and I had my last period after I had my eggs removed. I then started zoladex and then chemo, surgery and finally radiotherapy. After my results came back from my surgery my surgeon informed me that I had er+ 3/8 and advised me to start on tamoxifen to hopefully minimise the chance of reoccurrence even though they are unsure of how effective it will be. I was told my period is unlikely to return until after my treatment stops in 5 years. Last week I had a bleed, not pleasant and very painful. I was just disappointed at first as I was on holiday to celebrate the all clear but now I’m home I’m fearful that it might be something more serious. Any advice would be great.
Thanks in advance,

Hi ,L I’ve seen lots of posts from ladies who have experienced bleeds on Tamoxifen and most are found not to be anything to be concerned about at all but the advice has always been to get it checked out as Tamoxifen can affect your womb lining .All the best Jill.