Tamoxifen and blood clots

Hi All have had a d dimer blood test and it came back positive …going for a scan today …have also been told that this blood test can indicate raised levels if there is cancer …so if the scan shows no clots …where does that leave me any one any advise ??? and if it is clots will I be taken off Tamoxifen ???


Hi Maz,

Do give the helpline a ring I’m sure they’ll be able to explain things to you, lines are open at 9am today.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Maz - I have no idea what that test is about but I do know that some people have warfarin after bc. I had to have clexane injections for thickened blood and am still on tamox.

I really hope it is nothing sinsiter and do let us know how you get on.


Jane x

Hi Maz I had a blood clot in my neck prior to hickman coming out and was told that I could only take Arimidex,I suffer a lot of joint pain and other SEs and when I asked if it could be changed they said no as Arimidex was safer,not sure why but it may be wise for you to ask.
Please let me know any outcome with your problems as I would find this helpful.
Good Luck

P.S What is a dimer blood test for ??

Its a blood test to detect a clot … but it can be raised for alot of different reasons ie cancer apparently so as I have womb thickening and back pain and an internal scan on thursday .and my mum had ovarian cancer …my mind has now gone into overdrive !!!

Im not supprised Maz,Thanks for info and Good luck for scan tomorrow.
Jackie xx