Tamoxifen and bowel issues

 Well ladies, you fantastic people I thought I would let you all know how I got on with the gp today.

I was there purely just to get piles checked (too much info sorry).

The doctor was asking if bowels ok but my bowels have always been crazy with constipation due to the m.s but since starting the tamoxifen they have been anything but.

They are staring to settle now though.

Piles ok, but the doctor would like a colonoscopy done as it will put my mind at rest as its been a very worrying year.

I usually see the head gp but it was a younger gp who has been great and did say to me that she is not concerned and does not want me to be anxious, in fact she said she would leave off referring me until later if I will be anxious. Kinda scared again but trying my best to keep sensible head on.love to all and sorry for rant.

Mary x

Hiyer Marydan,


I was wondering how you got on at your GP visit. Have you decided to do with the colonoscopy or hold off on it ? Tamoxifen bowel issues are definitely a listed side effect.

Hey Mary Dan, I Think that’s a fair thing to do, you can cancel the colonoscopy later if the problem goes and it is a tamoxifen effect. As you know I had bowel issues on tamoxifen, very badly as it happened, and it was certainly exactly when started. On a similar theme to your colonoscopy… I also had (excuse the details, I’ll try and avoid the in depth ones) horrendous period problems. My gp wanted to do a full gynae check…and even made an ultrasound appointment. I knew it was tamoxifen and cancelled the appointment , during my now VERY extended tamoxifen break the problems have entirely gone. I not suggesting you cancel any checks by the way, but I know exactly what you mean about sone times there us an overreaction to the issue, presuming the worst scenario causing something , when we are pretty certain we know what the cause is. Of course we should be very grateful thry are watching out for us and taking quick action if we raise a problem, but a little lateral thought and a bit of monitoring is acceptable at times too for a short while.