tamoxifen and comorbidity

I have grade 2 primary, not spread to lymph nodes. Surgery not an option due to existing life limiting thingy.
In a month my tumour (known as Dave) will be ultrasound scanned again. I’m hoping he shrinks.
Apart from pesky hot flushes and maybe a bit more tired it see ms OK but tis early days (2 mnths since diagnosis…)
Anyone els in a similar situation?

Hi Jo-on-wheels

I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your post yet. You may get more responses if you post in the New Members section.

You could also give our Helpline a call to talk things over. They can offer information and support. The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


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Hi Jo-on-wheels,
I’m not in the exact same boat as you but thought I would reply to give you some support. I do have a comorbidity (recurrent pneumothorax) which I had prior to breast cancer dx. They had to be really careful when I had my lumpectomy and couldn’t use much pressure with the anaesthetic gases in case it caused my lung to worsen.
I also have anxiety, depression, a history of suicidal thoughts and a few attempts, plus what the docs dxed as psychosis a few months ago, but I know to be something more sinister and health-threatening - just don’t know how to fix it as I don’t really know what it is :frowning:
Oh and I just don’t feel right/myself, esp with a raging headache, but I’m told there isn’t anything wrong. Hmmm.
Are you having chemo/radiotherapy, or just tamoxifen?
Lisa xx

Hi Lisa,
sorry to hear about your addiional health propblems . Must be horrible for you.
Thanks for taking the time send me a kind message.
hope all goes well for you
Jo x

Thanks Janet,
I’m trying but keep failing, spectacularly, to resubmit in new members. Technodinosaur.
MY speech isn’t great but will certainbly try a 'phonecall.,

Hey Jo,
Thanks for your message, I have good days and bad, just the same as everyone else here! I hope things are working out ok for you - how are you finding treatment? Did you find anyone else with similar issues over in new members?
Lisa xx