Tamoxifen and gallstones

I was suprised to discover that I have gallstones, quite a lot evidently. I had put my symptoms down to side effects of Tamoxifen and now Femara.
However, on general googling I found a site called springerlink which reports on a survey carried out linking Tamoxifen to gallstones with 39% of womwn developing gallstones compared to only 2% who do not take Tamoxifen.
I had never heard of a link. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has or anyone who has gallstones.
I must add as a 5 year survivor I would have taken the tamoxifen as gallstones are nothing compared to cancer.
Best wishes

I too have just discovered I have them and have been told that usually they do not have any effects unless they get stuck in the cystic ducts. They are made up of cholesterol and I don’t think they are connected to my tamoxifen regime. There are too many for that! It is more likely to be age/hormone/diet related.