Tamoxifen and heavy periods after 21 months!

hello everyone,

just looking for anybody who has had a similar experience to me as Im getting worried now!

Diagnosed March 2007, chemo started in May 2007 and had my last period in June 2007. Started Tamoxifen in September 2007 and then didnt have a period until about 2 months ago!

Had a very heavy period at this point, onc checked hormones and apparently they were less peri-menopausal than they were when I started Tamoxifen! Ovaries of steel she said! Didnt have another period for 6 weeks and then again had a very heavy one, now 3 weeks later have another one! I feel run down and sick with them although Ive got no pain.

Has anybody else gone such a long time without and then had them come back again. Do you think I should mention it to the onc again when I see her?



HI Polly,

How old are you? Were you premenopausal? What is Peri menopausal…I think its in between pre and post.

Hi GIJane

I am 46 now, and apparently was peri-menopausal - which meant I couldnt go on a trial for pre-menopausal women. Like you say I think its inbetween.

I wouldnt be worried about having periods but the problem is the heaviness of them. I cant go over the door and have already had to get changed out of my clothes twice today!


Hi Pollym,

I was taking a pill 2 times a day for heavy bleeding and it worked. It is the pill they give nose bleeders. Check it out as might work for you as well.