tamoxifen and herceptin anyone

hi i am really worried as starting chemo soon followed by tamoxifen and herceptin but have just read on here tamoxifen doesn’t work with herceptin can anyone explain y or tell me if they are having both. thanks i am also posting this under herceptin thread as not sure where to put it and its worrying me now.

I had herceptin and tamoxifen together 2006, if you google old threads quite a few should pop up, think it is quite comon these days, if you are pre menapause then you dont really have a choice especially if ER+ and HER2 +++.


HI Julie,

I read those internet posts too prior to commencing tamoxafen and herceceptin almost a year ago…i was 41, pre menopausal, was told then i would be on tamoxafen for 2 years the changed to a drug i cant quite remember but think i started wirh an “e”…oops!..Im er/pr her2 pos…but slight change in that my mum was dx at 66 last may…so i did genetic bloods, but instead of waiting for results of upto a year, im going to gynae to see about oophectomy…i would do anything to reduce risk of recurrence…


Hi Julie,

I haven’t seen the threads you are referring to, but I also am on herceptin & tamoxifen. I have great faith in my onc (clinical judgement only - don’t get me started on his lack of bedside manner!) so I’m not sure where the information has come from about tamixifen not working with herceptin. There are lots of us on both. Don’t worry.