Tamoxifen and increased appetite

Tamoxifen and increased appetite

Tamoxifen and increased appetite Hi,

Been on tamoxifen for approx 3 months now and finding that my appetite has increased enormously - it was always good, but now I can eat for England and still not feel full! Needless to say the weight is just piling on - help!! Wondered if anyone else had encountered this or is it just me?


I lost weight on tamoxifen - sorry about that but I ate less as my surgeon was a prophet of doom so he put me off eating somewhat chronic.

I think people eat for other reasons than tamoxifen


Hi Jean, i have the same problem and thats why i have gone from 63/4 kilos to 72 and rising! i just cant stop eating and its like i am binging. When my daughter puts her knife and fork down (which i am watching out the corner of my eye) i pounce on her plate for her left overs. I go into the kitchen and sneak food out and eat it in the bedroom so hubby doesnt see me. This is why my onc has sugested to me that they might put me on something else once i have done 2 years on tam.

Only been on Tamoxifen for 3 weeks but so far it has killed my appetite - sorry! I’ve lost about half a stone.