Tamoxifen and leg pain/cramp

Hi All

Have been on tam since June 2006.

Th elast few days I have developed leg shooting pains and cramps in my calves and thighs.

Have read this can be a side effect. ANybody else get this as am now imagining all sorts as usual.


I have had awful cramp, have had to get out of bed and almost screamng with the pain. Then the next day my leg is so sore. I used to get cramp when i was pregnant a long time ago so i am actually wondering if its something to do with hormones.

I do find if i drink plenty of water it is better also i have found if i have been drinking too much alchol and not had enough water it is bad.

Awful isnt it.


I started tamoxifen in august. I had the most horrendous leg cramps in the middle of the night…usually set off by wiggling your toes…how that works i have no idea. I also had really sore achey knees and ankles.
All I did was cut down on cups of tea, which nearly killed me lol…and increased the amount of water i drank…drank so much i couldve drowned in the stuff lol…not had cramps or sore ankles etc since.

I too get cramps - they come in bouts. Drinking tonic water is one way of preventing cramp, and I have to say I keep Crampex to hand if it becomes particularly troublesome.

I’m like buttons. If I wiggle my toes, I get really bad cramps. Been on Tam since Oct 2006. Calf cramp in the night leaves me hobbling for days and my knees are really painful. Just lately, my jaw is hurting too. In my ear and into my jaw and head. Did think I had a brain tumour as I always look on the bleak side but now my jaw is clicking on left side so maybe I yawned over enthusiastically. Husband said it must be a bit of a b****r when my two favourite hobbies are talking and eating…lol.


Thank you girls! Debbie - you sound just like me - “Always look on the bright side - not”! Am off to GP now to discuss if she thinks I need zoladex even though onc has said I don’t - just like to double check! While I am there I think I will mention my cramp and leg pains . . . . . . .

Love to all

Alise x

I’m getting cramps too - nearly every night since starting on tamoxifen in July and now during the during the day as well. It would be interesting to here what your GP said. When my GP phoned and I had a moan about the cramps in my legs, she mentioned “quinine” and could do a prescription for it if I thought the cramps were getting too bad.

Hi all

The Holistic centre I attended told me to take tonic water but not slimline. On investigation, I found that slimline tonic has quinine flavouring and ordinary full sugar contains quinine itself. Haven’t tried it myself but anything is worth a go. It does pass. My cramps are not anywhere near as bad as they were.


Hello. I had cramps at night in the thigh and legs while on tamoxifen. The pain was severe but did not last long. I found the following to be helpful - sleeping with legs bent, and reduce the amount of oranges, lemons, mandarins, marmalade etc and vinegar in the diet. I noticed that a friend who is a diabetic who also had severe leg cramps and she craved lemons and oranges. So I wonder if there is a link? So is there anyone who takes tamoxifen get severe leg cramps who does not eat oranges and lemons and vinegar? Just wondering if there is a link?