Tamoxifen and loss of appetite.


I’m wondering whether anyone else has had, or is having my current problems with Tamoxifen, I’ve been taking it for four weeks now, and am thirsty all of the time! I have to try very hard to keep my water consumption under two and a half litres a day! I’ve also gone off food, before taking Tamoxifen I was a total foodie, loved to cook and eat, but now? I find I have no interest, and eating is becoming a bit of an issue. I’ve lost over a stone since starting this course of treatment.

Anyone with a similar problem? Any ideas?

Warm Regards,


Hi Sara,

I feel the same re food…ive no interest and just cook for my kids and pick at my dinner, usually put it in the bin…i too have lost over a stone, ive been on tamoxafen for almost a year now… On mothers day we went out for a meal, such a waste as i only ate one chicken gougon!..Ive been out for dinner twice this week and have found a solution!!..i ordered 2 starters, seems to work… Also i try to eat a little and often…I cant remember when i finished an adult sized portion…Only good thing re BC is the weight lost, im lighter than i was in my 20s, great to wear size 8 jeans !


Hi Sarah and Jill

You are welcome to discuss your concerns over your loss of appetite with the staff on our helpline, they may be able to offer you some advice as all the staff here are either breast care nurses or have experience of breast cancer issues. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Hi Sara

My weight has been consistent since dx and starting Tamoxifen almost 6mths ago, but everyone responds differently. Think maybe you should mention the loss of appetite, excessive thirst and weight loss to your onc.
Good luck
Caz x

Hi Jill and Caz, what a relief to know it’s not just me! The small portions often idea sounds like a good one, I’ll give it a go, thanks! I did mention my excessive thirst at my last appt, I was told to keep it under two and half litres! But no explanation as to why it’s happening, think maybe I should see my GP, I wonder if the raised levels of calcium from taking the Tamox could be the reason for it?

Thanks for your responses, I felt bad posting it, as I know so many women here are struggling to keep weight off, but it was worrying me, so, good to know I’m not alone with it!

All the best to you both!


Sara x x

Hi Sara,

I’ve completely lost my sense of taste. Unless the food I eat is covered in either mustard or some other strong substance, I can’t taste it.

I feel sick at the thoughts of a cup of tea, which I used to love. I’m fine whilst I’m drinking the tea, it’s just the very thoughts of a cup of tea; which make me want to gag.

Food just doesn’t taste the same to me anymore at all. I do eat, but I might as well be eating cardboard because it would have the same taste to me.

I told my GP, but he didn’t seem overly worried about it…so here I am, sauce bottle in one hand, ready to cover the contents of my plate.

Linda x

Awwww Linda!

I’m so sorry to hear that, sounds horrible! I do relate to what you’re saying in one sense, the thought of eating makes me feel queasy, and I am finding food terribly bland, maybe a milder form of the symptoms you’re suffering. I was telling my Dad about it today, he said “eating is one of life’s pleasures, how awful to lose that”, sums it up really. This damn disease, we go through so much to get through to what should be the other side, some semblance of normality should be awaiting us! Grrrrr, so many things to cope with!!

Have you spoken to anyone other than your GP? I wonder if there’s something that could be done? How’s your sense of smell? The two are usually related to one another. Maybe you could push for some tests to be done… Yes, I know, the thought of being messed with is the last thing you probably want, but if it were sort outable?

Thanks so much for responding to my post, hope you can sort it out…


Sara. x