Tamoxifen and menopausal symptoms

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced menopausal symptoms whilst on tamoxifen. I have been taking it for about a month now and have started getting hot flushes and night sweats but more troublesome is the vaginal dryness which is very uncomfortable especially during sexual activity. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on what I can do or use, I believe being ER+ means staying away from oestrogen based products? All help appreciated.


I had all those symptoms whilst on Tamoxifen. I was only 42 so went from being premenopausal to all those symptoms in a matter of weeks!

I wish I could say I have an answer but I don’t.): I will say though that I stopped taking it in June after 5 years and everything has gone back to normal. No more menopausal symptoms. It’s a long hard road but you will get there.

Love ALise

Hi Smurf65,
I took Tamoxifen for 3 years. During the first two months, night sweats were so bad I had to change my bedsheets every day.
It got better after a while, but what really helped was an homeopathic treatment that I took. I am afraid I don’t remember what it was, but I would recommend trying to look into non conventional medicines.
I did not experience vaginal dryness, so can’t help you there.

Hi Tami ladies,

I started taking tami back in October after being thrown into menopause after having chemo at age 43 and have been experiencing all the symptoms you mentioned ie: hot flushes, night sweats, and also shivering hurting chills after being stupidly hot, I don’t get the vaginal dryness but I know my mum suffers with this even though she finished natural menopause hot flushes over 2 years ago.

I have been recommended to take a low dose anti-depressant that helps with the hot flushes not sure if they work for the dryness, here’s a list I compiled of names of anti-d’s that might help, my GP was not going to give me the anti-d but has now agreed to let me try it after he spoke to my Onc.

and this is the one my GP is going to prescribe me Venlafaxine I am also ER+ HER2+ PR- my GP has spoken to my Onc about these anti-d’s and they both agreed that Venlafaxine is probably the most effective in stopping or calming down the hot flushes also the added bonus of them being anti-d’s helps with mood swings, they have assured me that it in no way affects the effectiveness of tamoxifen. My Gp also suggested that I try fig leaf tea although I have looked everywhere and cannot find anyone that makes it, I suppose if you have a fig tree you could try making a tea with the fresh leaves. There are other natural remedies but again I’m not so sure that they don’t interfere with tamoxifen.

Hope this helps
love and light
sarahlousie xx

Try vaginal lubricants like replense, yess, silk, glyde forbthe vaginal dryness issues… Your GP should be able to prescribe them free of charge on your prescription… You need to use them regularly not just when your having sex they can take a wee while to be effective… If they don’t work you can get low dose oestrogen pessarie called vagifem which is safe even for women with hormone positive BC but some gps are reluctancy to prescribe it but your onc or surgeon should be able to request the gp to prscribe it… Again it takes a few weeks to make a difference.

There are also three specialist clinics in England who treat women’s menopausal symptoms after cancer and I know the one at northwickpark hosp in London take out of are referrals so will happily see patients following referral from their gp.

Somethings that increase flushes are caffiene, alcohol, hot and spicy foods… Also if you have a change in temp Eg going indoors or on a bus after being outside.

Wear lots of layers and be prepared to strip them off and put them back on frequently… You also get cold flushes… It’s thought that the perameters for what your body feels is normal is reduced so you feel hotter at lower temp than you would have and colder at a higher temp than you would have previously… So layering is good… And invest in fan… You can get both electric and manual hand held fans in various sizes and designs.

Some people have reported symptom reduction in usin the lady care magnet but it doesn’t work for everybody.

I also have my own quilt in bed and lots of pillows so I can rotate them and always find a cold bit… Without freezing my BF in the process… Some people have tried a chillow pillow which is a cold pillow I think… Other idea are a damp towel on your pillow.

Lulu x