Tamoxifen and numbness in fingers

Has anyone on Tamoxifen experienced numbness and tingling in their fingers. The symptoms manifested themselves three months ago.

My cancer was on the right side but I also recently read an article that said having surgery for breast cancer can cause these symptoms and not necessarily on the affected side.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



hi yes I get tingling in fingers mainly at night just before hot flush.
i told my onc but she had never heard of it.
I had wle and snb in nov 2008 rads and tomoxifen jan 2009.x

Hi Tina

I have numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes, both sides, but put it down to Paclitaxel as that’s when it started. I didn’t realise it could be an SE of Tamoxifen. It is very uncomfortable at times.

hi tina, been on tam 3 months and do get tingling/fizzy fingers on surgery side only. always at night or when arm is relaxed? have to scrunch hand up and move it about to get rid of the feeling. love alex xx

Hi girls, thankyou for your replies. I know I should mention it to the medics but it just seems such a trivial thing to ask about and sometimes I find I get more from the girls on the site.
Ritajean, I’ll monitor things and see if the tingling starts just before a hot flush.


I have been on Tamoxifen for 4 weeks and the nipple area on the breast that I had the WLE is so so sensitive !!! It hurts just to touch it lightly.
Also I am still very blue after 5 weeks is this still normal??


map3uk - if you’re talking about the blue dye used for SNB, then don’t worry, it will disperse, but takes longer than you would expect - several months for me.

my nipple has been realy sensative since surgery, if i brush it it is sore, but if i touch it firmly it is not. So i think some nerves just need to sort themselves out.

still blue and still very bruised only three weeks though.

tingling fingertips, is that something else to look forward to–thank goodness i am not starting for another couple of months

Thanks girls, It’s good to know you can ask anything here and get some good answers and advice :slight_smile:

Phew I have just started getting tingling fingers after 5 months on tamoxifen and 7 months on herceptin…was beginning to worry!

my op was 6th april 11 and am still light blue although fading I was warned this could take SOME time to go. I am not on tam but have had a tingly forefinger on effected side since op. Onc didn’t think it has anything to do with op but i think it may be nerve changes. In the scheme of things its ok. Chris x