Tamoxifen and Periods

Dear All

i am a little confused, I have been on Tamoxifen now for 13 months and all was fine, I was having regular periods etc but they seem to have stopped, is that normal? I have gone 6 weeks without a showing and I am starting to get a little worried. i feel a little reluctant to ask a GP for advice as it seems so trivial or is it? I have the bloating, the pains and bad aches too. Also, do any of you get pains in your legs?

What a horror this is but any advice would be appreciated.

Best wishes to you all for the new year ahead of us.


Claire xx

Dear Claire

If you feel it would help to talk things through with someone on our helpline please feel free to call, it’s open again on Wednesday from 9am-5pm on 0808 800 6000. .

Best wishes

Happy New Year Claire.

I am still having my periods, but I have only been on the Tamox since June. My BC nurse told be they - periods - would probably stop within a year, they have certainly become lighter.
As for the bloating I was recommended Acidophilus, which is sold at the herbalist shops and it is basically the good bacteria but in much greater quantity than you would get in one of the yogurt drinks.
I took one a day for a month and within a week, I could feel an amazing difference.
Once over I couldn’t eat white bread - not that I eat a lot - but now I’m absolutely fine…no bloating at all.

Aches and pains, I think are part and parcel of taking Tamoxifen, mine aren’t to bad just yet, but I do suffer with my knees.

I hope you are sorted out soon Claire.


Hi Linda

I think I’ll give the Acidophilus a try and see how that goes. thanks very much for the recommendation. I am going to speak to my BC Nurse or call the Helpline tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice and happy new year.

Claire x

Hi Claire
I started Tamoxifen 14 months ago. My peiods were monthly for a few months then I had three v painful ones which were 8 weeks apart, then some 6 weeks apart. the last one, on New Years Day, was 13 weeks apart. Some brands of Tamoxifen listed v painful periods as side effects. Even when I don’t have a period, I have all the pain and bloating. I now take my tamoxifen in two halves as I was starting to feel nauseous too. I take one half at 9 am and one half at 9pm. The morning half is taken with a bottle of Yakult and I haven’t had any bloating for months.


Can anyone help me in relation to Tamoxifen. I finished taking it last September after five years during which time I had no periods. They stopped after my first treatment with Zoladex firve years ago. Two days ago I started what I think is a very heavy period which has continued today, I am 56!!! thought after 5 years this would have stopped. I will be contacting my GP tomorrow as I am aware there may be other reasons having had Tamoxifen, but thought if anyone has any info. it would be useful.


HI Debbie

I still have had no show, I spoke to the BC nurse who said it was normal whidh did ease my mind but the pain is awful, so uncomfotable and I look like an elephant, which is not due to all the mince pies, read wine and chocolate over the Christmas, I wish!!! She told me to give it another couple of weeks and then give her a ring then…oh what joy we have eh ladies!

Angela - I really don’t know what to suggest as other than contacting your GPor BC nurse. I am 33 years old so I still have many many years ahead of me…gutted!! ##I hope the doctors can advise and maybe put your mind at rest, bet its a bit of a shock after all the time without anything.

Tale care

Claire x

I haven’t had anything since last march but, like a few of you, I do get bloating and tenderness. However, the tenderness seems to have got worse in the last couple of days and I think I might be about to get a period again after 9 months without! Has this happened to anyone? I will run it by my bcn if it happens but i just wondered if it was a unusual thing to happen? I’m 43.


The last time I had bad bloating, I was in so much pain, it hurt to walk even and I took paracetamol every four hours or so which helped a bit. It did all clear up eventually and I seldom get it now. I do wonder if all these symptoms are due to Tam and menopause symptoms. In fact I am convinced they are. All my side eefects come in cycles…I now have the awful stiff feet and knee joints that I had in the first months but then I do need to lose weight and am concentrating on that for now. Hope you feel better soon