Tamoxifen and side effects

Tamoxifen and side effects

Tamoxifen and side effects Hi
I know that this has been discussed before but would like some input from younger women, I have a variety of symptoms, aching hips and diabolical constipation, despite eating like a rabbit. Breast care nurse says herbal remedies are not advised because they don’t know what will react with the tamoxifen. What else have people been advised to avoid?
Do these effects settle down, I have only been taking T for just over 2 weeks,

Hi Claire
I am going back on Tamoxifin, I had it for a month when I was first diagnosed , then after all the chemo, I was put on arimidex as my onc thought it would be better forme as I was HER2pos now I have been told today that I am going back on Tamoxifin as the Arimidex does not stop my ovaries producing oestrogen. anyhow I remember feeling really weird on Tamoxifin, flushes and really bad memory loss and confusion, I thought that was just the stress. I havent been told to avoid anything but mainly eat healthily and try keeping to a low fat diet and it all helps. Alcohol wise well for me the too just didnt mix which may be a blessing.
Take care

Evening primrose oil Hi Claire and Louise
I am also on tamoxifen and have been for 10 months now. I still am suffering with terrible night sweats and hot flushes and constipation.
The joys of tamoxifen and i only have 4 more years to go!!
I was told by my oncologist that is alright to take evening primrose oil for the hot flashes and it seems to help. I was a bit afraid to try anything herbal because i was initially warned not to but the oncologist assures me that the evening primrose oil will not cause me any harm.
If you are finding the hot flushes and night sweats unbearable, there are some meds that can be prescribed by the doctor. Clonidene is a blood pressure med that is used to treat hot flushes when prescribed in small doses. Effexor is a medication that is used to treat depression but they have had some success in treating hot flushes and night sweats. I would ask your onc if they can give you something for your symptoms as 5 years is a long time to feel rotten.
I have tried the clonidene but i have low blood pressure to start with and it made my pressure drop even lower so it wasn’t a good choice for me. Now i just take the evening primrose oil and this seems to help.
Hope this info helps. You are not alone with the side effects that you are feeling.

Tamoxifen and side effects Hi Claire

I had a few night sweats and hot flushes over the first couple of months of tamoxifen, in summer 05. Not too many. After that, I’ve had none, and am still on it. The doctor said I would have had some oestrogen recovery. I also felt sick in the mornings, to which the breast care nurse suggested taking the tablets in the evenings in stead of mornings which I did. Since then, I have no side effects. I’m not sure if that is relevant to you, other than hoping that your side effects subside once your body gets used to the drug. Good luck.


thanks thanks louise, karen and cath

I have now been on tamoxifen for 3 weeks, constipation is still an issue but I use psyllium husks, i teaspoon in a juice every morning, (gillian mckeith’s favourite fibre) and that seems to keep things moving.
I am utterly exhausted, I crawl out of my pit at 11.30 and don’t really get going till 2 or 3pm!
The hot sweats are manageable, so far mainly at night, and I lie there delighting in how many calories my body must be using to reach such incredible temperatures!

Thanks for your input everyone, anybody got any decent brands of calcium supplements they suggest? My onc just yeah, take them if you think you need to, prememopausel, osteoporosis in the family, duh! Why don’t they suggest things to us, I seem to use the internet, these forums, breastcancerpals, young survival coalition to get all my info, thanks for all your support

Calcium supplements Hi

I didn’t take a calcium supplement, but am now getting worried about it, particularly as I may be offered ovarian ablation now.

For the last two days I have taken Osteocare. I don’t like the large tablets, and I wonder if there is anything else that is easier to take or soluble.

best wishes