Tamoxifen and Zometa



I was diagnosed primary and secondary (liver and hip) in Feb this year.  I had fecx6 which shrank  breast, hip and liver tumour - I had 3 liver tumours and now only have 1.   I had a lumpectomy and have now been told there will be no radiotherapy but straight onto tamoxifen and monthly zometa injections.  I have also been told that I need an mri scan to look into the possibility of liver surgery.


My questions are 


  1.  Is there anyone else on tamoxifen and zometa and how are you finding it ?


  1.  Would liver op be a good idea as coming off treatment whilst recovering would surely not help my other mets ?  I am also terribly claustraphobic and not sure I can go through with scan.  


Any my advice/knowledge on any of this would be greatly received.


Hope this week finds everyone enjoying the sun and treatments are being kind to you all.  I can’t believe it’s back to school next week.  That was a quick 6 weeks.


Maria xxxx





Hi maria

i prob cant help you that much. I was diagnosed in March and had six rounds of fec and am now on tamoxifen tablets and monthly denosamab (may not be spelt right) bone injections. Re the tamoxifen, it’s only been a week-other than some hot flushes, seems ok so far. I had an MRI a few months ago. As I recall, they gave me a button to press if I needed them and it was a bit quicker than they said. Maybe ask nurse about that as they may have some advice as sure there are lots of people who get worried about being inside.

Hope you find the info you need.


Many thanks Poppy Lisa and Smartie.  You are both very brave, as are all you ladies having an mri, 


My appointment came through for scan but it is for the same time as my appointment for Zometa injection so I will cancel.   I am still not convinced that with also having a bone met that needs treating that they will be prepared to operate on my liver so I have questioned this with BCN and am awaiting her reply.  


Smartie I am so pleased to see that you are getting stronger and out doing nice things.  Who knows what our journeys will be but when we can it’s better to do it smiling :).   I admire the way you take time to be there for us all.  Thank you xxx