Tamoxifen as Neoadjuvant therapy?



I was treated for ILC a year ago with WLE and SNB. The dx was made after microductectomy so at that point they knew my cancer was er+ 8/8 so I was precribed tamoxifen immediately. I did not have my wle until about 2 months later.


The pathology report for the microductectomy states that there were no clear margins. When I went back to the surgeon for the results of the wle and snb I was told that everything was fine and the nodes were clear too. I asked whether clear margins had been achieved for the wle only to be told that there was actually no trace of the cancer at all in the tissue that was removed, which I read also in the path report.


I have puzzled over this ever since and I cannot understand why there was no cancer in the wle tissue yet no clear margins from the tissue removed during the microductectomy.


Could it be that the 2 months I was on Tamaxifen cleared what remained of the cancer or was the tissue removed during microductectomy exactly on the border of the cancerous cells?


I am going back for my first annual check up on Friday so will ask about this then but if anyone here has a similar experience I would appreciate any information.



Hi Mary, I have not had a similar experience but I was on tamoxifen for a year and now swapped to AI. It certainly sounds like the tamoxifen did it’s job on your cancer! I would love to hear an update from you about this.
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Wow! Amazing.