Tamoxifen Brands/Types

Tamoxifen Brands/Types

Tamoxifen Brands/Types I have been on Tamoxifen since 1st Jan - the Onc gave me a months supply and then when this ran out my GP prescribed me another 3 months. I cannot remember the brand/type of the original tamoxifen but I know the ones I have now are different (APS).

I am definately feeling very naseous, windy and have increased saliva during the day and a dry mouth through the night! I dont want to go back to the GP as I’m sure he will think I a paranoid as I didnt want to take them in the first place. On the original prescription from the Oncologist I suffered only night sweats/flushes so thought I had got away quite lightly.

Has anyone else suffered from this or is it me, I’m fed up with the naseau as was very sick all through chemo, I dont think I could stick this for 5 years.


Clare (S)

Tamoxifen Hi Clare

I have been on Tamoxifen since August 2006. Unfortunately my doc will only prescribe 1 months supply at a time but each time I get the prescription I notice it comes from a different supplier. It still says Tamoxifen on the packet but the distributor on the pack is not always the same. How do you know if it is APS?

I have fortunately not suffered with hot sweats but I do have terrible discomfort down below for which I have just started taking Replens.

I too suffer with nausea, increased salavia during the day (I dribble at times)!!! I also have a very dry mouth at night and have to take a drink to bed with me for when I wake up. I’ve also noticed I am increasingly tired - today I slept for 4.5 hours and that was after a full 8 hours sleep! Not sure if this is a side effect or what. I’m also on Herceptin.


Hi Clare. I use the same chemist everytime I get a prescription and ask for the same brand. In my case CP.pharmacuticals(spelling) if they don’t have them in stock they are ordered in. I do get side effects but at least I know which ones to expect.
I used to feel quite nauseaus for the first couple of months but it eased over time.
I was advised to take at night before going to bed maybe that would be worth trying if you take them of a morning or vice versa.
I suffer from a dry mouth morning and night my dentist told me it was because chemo. damages the salivary glands so more to do with that than Tamoxifen but not sure I’m convinced.
Try and stick with it Clare the chances are the symptoms will ease over the next few weeks.

Best wishes


Nolvadex D Hi, Have just been reading your postings, over tamoxifen.
When I started in Nov. 2005, I was originally on the generic tamoxifen, and had the same problem of never getting the same brand everytime I ordered it. I also had a lot of joint pain with it. After talking to my breast care nurse about it she put me on Nolvadex D which is still tamoxifen but in the purer form, it has less junk in it’s make up. Each company that makes tamoxifen puts it own bulking out agents in it and it can cause unpleasant side affects. Nolvadex D is made by the company who invented it so they use less bulking agents. You always get the same brand cos they are the only firm that make it. The reason why we are put on the generic form first is because it is cheaper to make. Some people have no side affects, But some do. Try asking your gp. to change your prescription to Nolvadex D. If he quibbles get your breast care nurse or oncologist to fax him. Most do it with out to much hassle.
Hope this helps. By the way my joint pain eased within a fortnight of changing brands.
Take care

Nolvadex D Hi Clare

I totally agree with Karenanne. I have been on Nolvadex D for just over 2 years and now do not have many side effects. I was on Tamoxifen and had lots of problems with it - it did not matter if I used the same pharmacy each time as they got in different brands. My breast care nurse said to try Nolvadex and I noticed an improvement very quickly. There should not be a problem with your GP as it does not cost him anything to prescribe this. I still get hot flushes and some joint ache but I think this is due the being pushed throught the menopause early…yet another side effect! It is difficult sometimes to know what is causing what symptom but I did loose the nausea, dry mouth etc very quickly.

I would go as soon as possible to your GP so you can see if you are any better. If not then I suggest you go back to your Oncologist and see what he/she says.

Best wishes and good luck.

I hope you don’t mind if I ask a question.

I’m on the generic stuff too, and I feel like I’ve been hit by the Tamoxifen Truck of Doom. I can barely get out of bed, I’m sick to my stomach, I can’t eat and I can’t stop crying.

Is the decision as to brand, something the consultant or doctor makes? Or does the pharmacist make the decision when you take the prescription in?

I think, in the light of your comments, I might try switching.

Many thanks, and sorry to intrude,

Tamoxifen I feel exactly the same Susie. I’ve read some of the other postings and decided to go see my GP this week and ask for Novadex!

All being well all the nasty side effects will fade away…


How long have you been on it, Sandra? I just checked the diary, and it’s been nearly 4 weeks. I was sick within 20 minutes of the first tablet, and haven’t been back on my feet since!

(It might help if hubby would stop trying to feed me … bleah!)

Well at least my hot flushes are impressive. I can do 0-95 in two seconds … lol

OK. Race ya to the Novaldex!

Susie x

Message for Suzie Hi

I’ve been on Tamoxifen for 6 months. Side effects (I think most of them come from Tamoxifen) include:

Extreme tiredness
Bad tempered
Very low on verge of depression
Soreness and discomfort down below
Dry mouth during the night
Excess saliva during the day (ie dribble)!
Sore ears and nose (internally)
Last period 18 December 2006

But hey…guess what…no hot flushes!!!

I’m 39 by the way!

I’ll let you know how I get on after visit to GP on Thursday (you’ll have to remind me - another side effect is fuzzy brain!!). I forget what someone has told me only half an hour beforehand and I was never ever like that before. lol.


Now THAT sounds like me! I’m 42 …

Nausea - Yep!

Extreme tiredness - Yep!

Headaches - Yep!

Bad tempered - Dunno - am always like that!

Very low on verge of depression -Yep! Someone smiled at me in M&S and I broke down in hysterical tears … *ahem*

Soreness and discomfort down below - Nope, not yet

Dry mouth during the night - Nope

Excess saliva during the day (ie dribble)! - Nope

Sore ears and nose (internally) - Nope

Last period 18 December 2006 - Ah, I have the opposite problem … welcome to the Nile Delta …

But hey…guess what…no hot flushes!!!

Well you ain’t lived! I could whoosh for the Olympics …

OK, look forward to hearing how you get on with the GP. Good luck!

Susie x

Don’t forget to remind me lol!!!


I can’t remember what the oncologist prescribed at he first consultation but I was on the generic Tamoxifen for several prescriptions after that. This is because GPs have a directive to use generic drugs where available.

However I had read enough posts on here which suggested that Nolvadex D (the original) showed less side effects, from marginal to substantial in degree. The finer packing seems to be the difference.

My GP prescribed Tamoxifen with a recommendation that the pharmacist dispense Nolvadex D; however she said they (GPs) can’t guarantee that the pharmacist will give you the named drug. I did see a marginal improvement but my hormone sweats are so bad that this was enough to continue with Nolvadex D.

My local pharmacies do not usually stock it, so I have to give them 24-48 hrs notice. If your GP agrees to name Nolvadex D, don’t let the pharmacist put you off with the generic form, say you will wait for them to order it for you or take it elsewhere.

Another thing, my GP was prescribing for 56 days and they are packed in 30s. After I told this to my GP she now prescribes 60 days.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Keruval, that info was very much appreciated.

Susie x

Glad i have found this as i was beginning to think that i had something more serious going on with some of the side affects but now i think its probably the tamoxifen.
blimey someone said no hot flushes whats the secret? I must have about 10 a day at least and 2 sweats at night horrid.

I am going to ask my GP for the nolvadex D but he is mean probably wont prescribe it if its dear.

I get 2 months supply but a friend has just been given 6 months supply so i am going to ask if they can increase mine why do some GP’s give monthly prescriptions and some six monthly awful really.


I read somewhere (might have been elsewhere on this forum about prescription costs?) that some Health Authorities have requested (!) that GPs only prescribe for 2 months at a time to reduce drug wastage.

Seems a reasonable and sensible idea BUT not when you are scheduled to take Tamoxifen (or whatever) for the next 2 yrs or 5 yrs.

If your GP is only prescribing 1 or even 2 mths at a time maybe you could ask if this is why, especuially if you are under 60 and still paying prescription charges.

Mine is prescribing 2 mths but I am still in the first year of treatment and on 3 mth hospital appts. Also I have just been through a family bereavement, so think she wants to keep an eye on me.

Different brands Just thought I would add my two penny worth.

I have had miserable side effects from tamoxifen, extreme tiredness, nausea, vomiting, itchy skin - I scratch it raw, funny dizzy spells, headaches, heavier than normal periods, can’t drink alcohol - you name it, I seem to have had it.

Started off with APS tamoxifen which was horrible - nausea was awful. My GP switched me to Nolvadex and I felt much much better -problem was that my stomach swelled and swelled during the day and by the evening I couldn’t get into any clothes and looked 7 months pregnant - no exaggeration. This really got me down and I went back on the APS brand - nausea came back with avengence but the swollen stomach problem disappeared. Apparently this reaction is extremely rare - trust me!

I am now on a liquid version, Soltamox, which tastes disgusting (unless you love liquorice and aniseed) but seems to be the best of a bad bunch. The added ingredients are minimal - just flavouring and gylcerol and sweetener. I think some of my problems therefore must be attributed to the filler stuff they put in.

I would highly recommend to keep switching brands until you find one that you can tolerate. I can’t say I feel great but I can live with the side effects now - which was more than I felt I could do on APS.



Update Dear All

Thanks for all your replies and advice, I have today got another prescription for Novaldex D - so all being well the sickness will dissapear, I am hoping that the 7 months pregnant look will pass me by!!!

Thanks Again

Clare (S)

hi, had the proper one from the hospital when i saw onc, from the doc i had APS and now seem to have SANDOZ, don’t want to tempt fate but flushes not to bad although this could be due to the cold spell we are having. slightly big belly but can’t win them all.
sharon. x

tamoxifen/hot flushes i was prescribed Nolvadex by my oncologist and suffered so badly from night sweats and hot flushes. i was having flushes every few minutes and it wasn’t until the oncologist saw me one day during my radiotherapy (I was having a flush) that he prescribed Megace. This worked wonders and now I have no flushes at all and no night sweats. hope this info. helps