Tamoxifen / copper cool/ Bleeding

Dilemma. In summary i had mirena coil swiftly removed after bc op and swapped for copper coil. Coppers are renowned for heavy ‘period’ bleeding.
Started tamoxifen around same time. Only about 5 weeks or so ago.
Had heavy heavy bleed so gp referred me for ultrasound of womb in case it was tamoxifen.
In meantime had 6wk coil check and bleeding stopped on day of that appointment…typical.
Now have ultrasound booked for tomorrow and question is should I still go?
99.9% thinking that bleeding is related to coil and nothing more sinister.
Scan seems a gamble. It will either put my mind at rest or open a can of worms which to be honest not sure I can face after recent bc events. I know if there is anything there it’s best caught early but I do think my problems are coil related. Confused.com!

hi Polly,
I know where you’re coming from, I’ve got to book my cervical screening & have the same stuff going on!

I went for my breast screening on the day we were going on holiday this time last year, only to find the recall letter on the doormat for an appointment for the next day when we got home.
Now we are about to go away again for a few weeks - so it brings it all back.
But, hey, I will get round to it when we get back.

As you say, the coil is the likely culprit. I’m on tamox & I remember the oncologist advising me on this risk, but being very definite, it was easily dealt with on the rare event of it occurring.

I will book that smear, honest!
ann x

Hi, yes keep your appointment, always better to be safe. I’m waiting for a scan appointment after speaking with gp today, I had copper coil fitted in October & bled straight away then nothing until week before Xmas when I had a moderate bleed just like a period which I haven’t had since November 2015!, I wasn’t worried but gp wants a scan. I’m also on tamoxifen.

good luck x



Thank you ladies I think I knew the answer anyway - I used to be so decisive now I’m not so sure! :wink:
Ann-M no time like present!
Emmalou sorry you are going through the same thing. Bc really is the ‘gift’ which keeps giving isn’t it.