Tamoxifen - different brands

Hello - just thought I would share a recent experience. I started taking Tamoxifen in May 2013 . Initially I had Relon chem for 3 months and then Wockhart for 2 years. Picked up new prescription last week and it was Teva - to my surprise it has made a huge difference in a week. My hot sweaty moments have lessened significantly and I have had 2 nights when I have slept all night without waking . Went over to my chemist this morning - their new supply is back to Wockhart but I am going to call my GP next week and see if they will prescribe Teva - that way the pharmacist can try to source it. If GP objects - I will fight back. I see no reason why I should suffer unnecessarily . I am sure we are all different but I suppose for anyone struggling with Tamoxifen this would make me say - do try different brands as I am genuinely surprised at what a difference it has made for me.

I’ve been on a different brand every month since I started taking them In April and I have to agree that Teva is my favourite, I’ve not had any real problem with any of them but noticed I had nothing with that one, I was getting a few flushes which Relon Chem but went back on Teva again the next month and they stopped , think I will ask for them from now on, I don’t know what they keep changing any way! Xx 

Hi walkabout
I spoke to my gp about sticking to same brand, mylan for me at the moment, and all they have to do is mark your records and include brand name when prescribing. Don’t be fobbed off! was mylan one of the brands you tried in the past? I’ve been taking it since beginning of July so not very long
sheena x

Hi walkabout-you can also ask your pharmacy to do this for you. I was actually offered this service by the pharmacist and I’ve always received the correct brand (Wockhart for me)