Tamoxifen for secondaries, Postmenapausal

I have secondaries in my Lung,Liver and Spine. Originally diagnosed in 2009 and had Mastectomy chemo and Rads followed by over 2 years of Arimadex. In March this year had my secondary diagnosis, the Onc said obviously the Arimadex hadnt been working. I have just completed 18 Paclitaxol and am on monthly Zometa. Had a scan last Monday and see the Onc on the 5th Oct for results, needless to say I am anxious about the results. Last time I saw the Onc he spoke about Tamoxifen as the next treatment depending on results. I mentioned this to BCN and she said the Onc tended to use hormone treatment after IV chemo, but I have never heard of anyone going on to Tamoxifen. Have any of you Ladies gone down this route? Im a bit apprehensive.
I notice reading the posts that a lot of you are having Xeloda after IV chemo and seem to be having good results.
Just want to get my options in order before my appointment so any info would be great.

Just bumping my post up in the hope I have some answers before Friday.

Hi Pam
I think the reason that the majority of secondary patients don’t get prescribed Tamoxifen is because it is normally the first hormone therapy drug of choice with primary cancer. Clearly if one has been taking it and secondaries occur, it is not working and time to change. Other hormone therapies commonly given to people with secondaries are Letrozole and Extamestane.
I was diagnosed with secondaries (liver and bones) in 2009 and had 6 courses of Zeloda - was given the option of IV or not - and then was on Letrozole until recently when some spread in my bones was detected, and am now on Extamestane.
I hope this helps.

Hi Pam, I have secondaries in my bones and was diagnosed in oct 2010 just after my primary Dx. I had been on exemestane (aromasin) until some spread in my bones was found when i started to get a lot of pain. I was surprised to be put on tamoxifen cos I thought it was just for pre menstrual ladies. The onc explained that it is one of the drugs that they can use pre and post menopausal. I have been on it about 7 weeks now and the pain in my bones seem to be settling down now. I am also on zometa.
I hope you will respond to it well x

Thanks for your response Alison and Suzanne, just hoping that if Onc does prescribe Tamoxifen it helps me. I know it was the drug of choice for many years.
Not too worried about SE`s, as we all know it is part of dealing with secondaries.
Now for the big wait for scan results on Friday.
Pam. xx

Hi Pam
I was diagnosed with Primary Breast Cancer in 2000 and then had Secondary diagnosis in 2010.
I was on Tamoxifen 2000 - 2004 and then switched to Arimadex as I was then post menapausal.
Since Secondaries I have been on Letrazole, Exemastine, Capecitabine and then IV chemo.
I am now on Tamoxifen again. The Consultant says when one hormone treatment stops working they try another and can return to ones used in the past.

Thanks Esha, I feel that if Tamoxifen is offered I will not be the only one.
I am hoping that it will help me for a few months. Does anyone know on average how long treatment on hormones lasts before there is progression. I suppose everyone is different but just clutching at straws in the hope that I will be on it for some time.
Also nice to know there are a few out there if I need to change.
Pam. x

Hi all
i am also on tomoxifen first DX was 1995aged 43 full mastectomey no further teatment but was given tomoxifen due to there only being my auntie in our family at that time who was also on tomoxifen she unfortunately got tomoxifen related cervical cancer i discussed with my then onc who told me 2 years 10 years the results were the same so i took it only for the 2 years as i thought i might also get tomoxifen related cancer then 2010 i was re diagnosed with secondaries after inital consultation missing it 6 months earlier
since then i have had arimidex which stopped working after 18months capcitebine which i reacted to with in 48hours so was taken off it a months rest then given chemo epirubicen and cyclophsomide finished that in july 2012 results no change in spine chest wall shrunk by only 1cm so put on tomoxifen at present i am waiting to onc in dec and hope he arranges a scan to see if it is working i am now 60 years old