Tamoxifen - Has anyone refused it?

Has anyone considered not taking hormone therapy?
All the side effects sound hideous. I am fifty years old , have had stage 1 Breast cancer, no lymph node involvement. After a successful lumpectomy and about to take a course of radiotherapy I consider hormone therapy an extra belt and braces. But is it really necessary ? Has anyone out there decided to opt out ?

Hi Becky

I was stage 1 like you but I had chemo as well . I am now on tamoxifen and apart from the weight gain I have not suffered too badly on it. I think you will feel a lot better psychologically if you have all the belt and braces you can.

Good luck

Alise x

Hi Becky

I think my diagnosis is similar to yours. I am nervous about taking Tamoxifen and have discussed it with my Dr. He says if I dont get on with it, it could be changed with my oncologogist possibly. And if I decided to stop I would return to the same body as before. My eldest daughter said this weekend that her friends Mother had Tamoxifen and she had 4 friends with breast cancer who did not take Tamoxifen and they are all dead andher mother is very well.


Hi Becky

My cancer was stage 1 with no lymph node involvement too.

My Oncologist explained it to me in terms of life expectancy beyond 10 years. Mine increased from 85% to 93% with Tamoxifen, so I thought it was worth giving it a go! I have been on it for 2 months and it hasn’t been bad so far. Just a few night sweats, although it is early days, I know. My cancer was highly oestrogen positive though. Is yours?


Hi Becky

Am exactly the same as you and Julie and on my 3rd week of Rads. Been on Tamoxifen 2months also with the same symptoms. I am just taking all they throw at me, but thats just my choice.


Hi Becky

If you haven’t started taking Tamoxifen you should definitely give it a try, you might be one of the lucky ones who have little or no side effects.

I took it for a year and felt ill for most of that time, I was changed to Arimidex but was no better so after discussion with my consultant it was decided that as I was only getting a small benefit it wasn’t worth the side effects and I haven’t taken anything since.

I had my first bc diagnoses 22 years ago when I had a lumpectomy and rads, tamoxifen wasn’t widely used then, maybe I am over confident because I had all those years with no problems. My recurrence was two years ago (how time flies) early days yet I know and only time will tell if I have done the right thing.

Take care.


I must admit, I’ve been thinking about asking my consultant if I really need to take Tamoxifen maily because I feel so poorly on it.
I seem to feel constantly sick and last Saturday I could have crawled in a corner and stayed there I felt so poorly.

My stomach is doing allsorts of weird things and wind…goodness me, I can f**t for England.

I’ve been on it since July, so that’s coming up to 4 months. I did change to the Nolvadex - 10 days ago - but to date I’ve not really seen any change…though having said that, I don’t feel too bad today (Thursday 1st November).

I have been taking Pro-biotic powders for my ‘wind’ and bloatedness, which seem to have helped to a certain extent and I’m going to get one of those sickness wristbands to see if that helps my sickness feeling, so really even though half of me feels like I want to stop taking the Tamoxifen, a little niggle in my head tells me to hang on in there.

I go to see the specialist on Tuesday, so I’m going to have a word with him.

Linda xx