Tamoxifen- How long before side effects?

Hi I’ve been taking Tamoxifen for just over 3 weeks and so far seems manageable. Have very achey legs and I think my concentration is affected, but have been waiting nervously for hot flushes and night sweats. What is people’s experience of when side effects really kicked in? My onc said if no severe side effects in the first 7-10 days then you should tolerate it okay, but from reading here that doesn’t seem to necessarily be the case. Also did your periods stop quickly? I’m 41, but unsure of what to expect re cycle. Thanks x

Hi Ames,
You might be fine with it, side efects are not necessarily a given, or will be at least be mangeable. I was peri-menopausal so was having some menopausal symptoms anyway, so tbh, for me, there really wasn’t a lot of difference.
Understandably, those having problems will report it, so what’s reported here is not necessarily generally experienced.
Wishing you well with it.
ann x

At 61 I am significantly older then you, and been through menopause, though think it never pauses as still had hot flushes.


Juts started Tamoxifen three days ago, got cold feet, achy legs, heavy, no increased flushes but ones I get are stronger. Got little red spots, palpatations although that may due to nerves, and feel exhausted.


I go to a support group where some younger women do seem to be getting more side effects a a few weeks and even months into Tamoxifen. One lady started hot flushes at three weeks. But everyone is different.


I so hope the ten days mentioned by your doctor is right.


Though the leaflet info with drug does state some side effects can build up as time goes on.


Why not call the nurse on Monday? I am going to as so worried about side effects.


Do you find the achy legs worse at certain time after taking pill?