tamoxifen induced asthma


I’ve been on Tam since June last year, since December I have had four episodes of breathlessness, tight chest, difficulty breathing. After the last one went to Gp and now on ventilen inhaler and booked for respiratory tests. I have never had asthma before.

Anyone else had something similar?


Hi Mary - I too am now being treated for asthma/COPD, no clear diagnosis at present. I have full lung function tests on 19 August. I don’t really think I have asthma although I have never had as good lungs as other people despite being fairly fit. I do quite a lot of cardio exercise like cycling, walking, golfing etc. I now have an inhaler to use 15 mins before exercise but not sure how helpful it is. I suffer from breathlessness and severe chest discomfort. I have just had the all clear on a chest ct scan so now waiting to see what diagnosis is after breathing clinic assessment at doctors’ surgery. I started taking Tamoxifen a year ago. I am also wondering if chemo has caused some lung damage as i still have numb toes and feet more than a year after finishing chemo. It would be interesting to know how many other people have breathing problems after breast cancer treatment. Gay x

Ive never had asthma …not even a chest infection but since June I’ve had a wheezy cough and nasal drip thing going on . Now have an inhaler and a steroid nasal spray . Ive been on Tamoxifen since October 2013. Inhaler  and spray making no difference . I wondered if either a side effect of Tamoxifen or something from radiotherapy or chemo . Who knows?  Have had chest x ray - clear .  Not had a scan.

I am asthmatic but was always very active and have had no problems since diagnosis thirteen years ago.  However, after starting Tamoxifen in August 2014 I have had numerous GP visits since November 2014, with shortness of breath and persistent cough.  Nothing sinister was found on CT chest, but my sypmtoms have not improved and I have had to give up going to the gym.  There seems to be a few of us suffering these symptoms and it is good to know that I am not imagining this side effect of Tamoxifen.