Tamoxifen is hell on earth

Hymil - too true. It’s sh*t isn’t it. I think the thing that scares most people is losing a sense of themselves as they’ve always known themselves.

I know I’ve not felt the same since I stopped being on the Pill 5 years ago, the pill and me were very suited, I felt very cuddly and lovely and more tolerant etc on the pill.

Hormones play a big part in how people feel.

It’s like hormonal russian roulette is tamoxifen. I hope personally that it doesn’t impact my sense of self as I know it now.

Just spoken to Oncs secretary, and she spoke to him in clinic. He has told me to come off it now. He said I would have been coming off it when I returned from my holibobs to start chemo, and three weeks now wont make a great difference.

I am relieved but also a bit worried too if that makes sense.

Well that’s good for now, he wouldn’t have told you to come off it if it would make a big difference right now. In fact I find it weird they put you on it to take you off it with chemo… each diag is different though. xxx

Just a bit of reassurance for those who haven’t started Tam yet and are terrified.

SGL’s SEs are really extreme, and the degree of them is rare. MOST people get through taking Tam with minimal (though annoying) SEs, and there are other things that can help most people cope with SEs.

On any forum you will find the people asking questions and starting threads are those who ARE having trouble, the people who don’t get a problem don’t start a thread saying “I’m on Tam and coping very well, thank you!” I’m one of the lucky ones, I think.

SGL, I am not for an instant belittling your symptoms, I know you’ve felt completely messed up by Tam and I hope you can work something out with your onc, but maybe just get on with the holiday, and then chemo, before even thinking about it.

HI Kat, the reason I was put on it before hand was my chemo has been delayed by two months due to me having my holiday and they felt that it would be a good idea to have that period covered. I was pleased at the time to be given this extra insurance, but not now! lol

And yes what choccie says is true, not everyone has the severe side effects like me, I have just been very unlucky. Some people get very bad physical pains and sweats, but I have not really had any of those, so just goes to show how differently each drug effects each individual.

I have a friend Linda, who still posts on here now and again who was diagnosed at the same time as mum three years ago and she found chemo not too bad at all and rads horrendous. I have not heard many folk say that they found chemo quite easy compared to rads, but I guess we are all individuals.

and the radiologist guy said to me “you’ll find radiotherapy a breeze in comparison to chemotherapy” :smiley: Lets face it, I didn’t have the best of times with SEs did I… I’m still having probs because of piles that have decided to externalise themselves so i’m having to put a lotion on them and I sleep with a pillow between my knees to take pressure off my bum - great eh? LOL. Sooooo unladylike.

sorry lol but I did chuckle when I read the end of your post about the piles and the pillow bit, and you are still thinking of the sexual side even with all these things going on lol xx