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Can some one help me when should I change from tamoxifen to letrozole . I am 54 now and have taken tamoxifen for 3 years since I had DCIS as a precaution for the other Breast which I was pleased to do. I have just has an ultra sound recommended by my doctor to check my uterus , it has sown there is a slight thickening, so I want to know is it time to change to Letrozole ? Does letrozole have any affect on the lining of your womb? I am really struggling at the moment as I can take tamoxifen without any of the horrible side effects some people have. Also do you know if it would be safe to stop taking anything after three years. Sorry for going on but I’m hoping someone will have gone the tamoxifen/letrozole saga.


Found lump in left boob just before xmas 2014 , had mammogram,ultrasound,biopsy in January 15, then had operation 12th feb went for results 16th March cancer as not spread to lymph nodes & they got it all when the lump was removed but gotta have 3 1/2 weeks  Radiotheraphy & 5 years on tamoxifen read what it said about tamoxifen said it would make periods irregular or lighter or even stop them but I’m on even heavier been taking them 5 days now had 2 small fibroids & 2 small cyst but nothing was done about them will be 50 in May not sure if it’s the change or something else going on to others dealing with cancer I wish you all well x

The specialists will tell you when you can change, if you they say it’s 5 years, then 3 won’t be enough, I have been told it’s either tamoxifen for5 years, letrozole for 5 years or 2 tam followed by 3 let. Got to tell them tomorrow, think I try full 5 let and see how I get on.but I going to do as I told, cos I want the cure to be total!

ps I really scared as its radiotherapy planning too and reading about the late side effects of that is frazzling my brain :frowning:

I had radiotherapy to my brain in 1983 ( I had leukaemia). I went on to take up my university place and have a professional job. Radiotherapy TARGETTED at the brain can result in depression ( and can be difficult if the patient is a little tot with a developing brain). Thirty plus years on radiotherapy is so much more sophisticated and very targeted. The Rays used in radiotherapy have a short wavelength which means they can’t wander off and hit other parts of your body.
Hope this is a bit helpful