Tamoxifen or not

Hi there,

This is my day six, so far so good. Hope it stays this way.

Hi all ,
I have now finished 2nd packet only 4 years and ten months to go, ha ha, but I feel fine odd hot flush inn day and hot at night but been having those since chemo knocked my periods out. I have only just finished rads on Friday and am very tired and a bit achy but nothing too bad, but I assume thats from a combination of 8 chemos, 3 ops and the rads, hoping not from tamoxifen…

I have had to put on the work top in my kitchen so I remember to take every morning, I just been thinking it might be better to put next to my bed and take at night. Not sure.
take care all
Dawn x

Hi there who ever reads this rather old thread, but thought I’d write a note as I’m taking tamoxifen now. Have been on it for nearly 4 weeks. Had some pre-menstral headaches but stopped after 2 weeks. Have a rash appearing on my stomach and will see what happens to that. Also some lower stomach pain, have a selection of fibroids and think they may be affected by the drug. My oncologist said I will go into menopause and fibroids will shrink. But one of the side affects of tax is to increase fibroids! So I shall see . Really don’t like being on a drug but if it helps stop a cancer happening will carry on. I see a homoeopath regularly, and she will help with side effects and perhaps help shrink my fibroids. Oh the joy of being a woman are many!!
Have read a lot of threads about Tamoxifen and side effects and it is a hard issue to deal with. I’m going to carry on for at least 3 months and then see how I feel. Everyone is different and some ladies suffer much more than others.
Any one else had problems with fibroids? Really don’t want any more hospital treatment at this moment in time!!!