Tamoxifen (part 2) HELP!!!!

Sorry to change the subject slightly. Does anybody know why we are all on 20mg Tam regardless of age, weight, height, two ovaries, one ovary, no ovaries.


Hi Jo,
Sorry haven’t had a mastectomy so not much help. Hoping if I bump this someone will come along and answer your question.


Morning lovely Ladies,

I don’t know if this will help or not, but I’ve been on Tamox now for 2.5 years (so have hit the half-way point - yippee!) after mx, chemo and rads, so I’ve had the lot.

I had horrendous flushes, leg and foot cramps, massively itchy skin (like ants crwling over me; I thought I was going mad) and have gained weight. Luckily I didn’t suffer with any mood swings. I have to say that in my 3rd year I’ve pretty much lost all these SEs, apart from the weight gain, but I’m fighting that one with diet and the gym 3x a week and am keeping it under control. Overall, I feel really well, and am now glad I persevered as at one point I thought I was going to have to stop taking it.

I know it’s a long time, and the SEs can be horrendous, but it could well be (as someone else said) that it takes quite a long time for our bodies to adjust to all the trauma suffered and that these awful SEs are a complex mix of physical and mental issues.

HTH and love to all,

Bella x

Ladies, let me give you my experience - the side effects change over time and I have now been on it 2 + years.

I had nausea first three months and occasionally still do so have some (Valoids) handy. I also had bad headaches but they went.

About three months in and I had bad joint pain, was like a 70 year old getting out of bed and walking - I still have this sometimes but mostly the joint pain has diminished. I now walk at least 3 miles a day listening to my ipod. Walking will help with bone density.

Then I got the night cramps and in the feet and calves etc - no longer stretch at all in case it brings it on. Tonic water for Quinnine to help with this.

My skin itches and my psoriasis are really bad now - my nails are terrible and my hair looks really full now and it was always thin ??? The doc will give cream and tables for itches. My back was so bad at one time I scratched it badly so take the tabs if you need to.

The night sweats went as quickly as they came and I am left with being so hot all the time - no flushes just hot when I get up, hotter when I am at work and hot when I go to bed - electric fan on all night.

Crying one moment happy the next - just concentrate on my grandchildren.

What I did hope to show you all is that with all the different SE I have been through they come and go and you may get one or none or some and I think we need to take it as it comes - just find the best solution for you personally to get through it. 5 years will be over and we will want to stay on it longer or we will feel freefalling - I am grateful for all the side effects as it means that the tamoxifen is working within me. I am thankful I awake every day.

I see what this disease does and I just get through each day at a time with whatever gets me through.

i wish all you ladies the very best and solutions for the best possible outcome - share the advice on what works.

God bless

For anyone wondering about Citalapram. This post was written by me last summer after starting tamoxifen! I had my chemo delayed till sept so I could go on my holiday. As you will see I was going crazy!!! I then started my Tamoxifen again in December after chemo finished early due to me being neutrophenic. Again I turned into a drug crazed monster. I can’t believe that the same person who started this thread, is the calm happy lady on Citalapram!!