Tamoxifen plus radiotherapy.

Is it Ok to start tamoxifen while having radiotherapy? I thought I read somewhere not to take it with either radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Yes, I was put on Tamoxifen before I started my radiotherapy and carried on through my 4 weeks of radiotherapy. I don’t know about chemotherapy though as did not undergo this.


I started Tamoxifen on the 4th December and am due to start rads some time in January (shortage of radiographers permitting!) - neither the onc nor my GP have suggested that I should not take it through rads, and when I go for my planning session for rads I would imagine they would ask what medication etc I was taking so it would get picked up then.


Yes Zotam. Don’t know about chemo but I took it through rads and both onc and consultant knew

Hiya Zotam
I had my first rads today and the nurse who “settled” me in was pleased to hear that I had started Tamoxifen on Sunday so obviously no problem.
Best wishes

Yes Its fine,
During my rads I saw onc who told me to start it straight away

I started my tamoxifen after my chemo and surgery and before rads x

I was told to start taking it on the same day I started rads

Radiotherapy can lessen the effect of Tamoxifen so my oncologist suggested it would be better to stop taking it - I haven’t because my doctor and surgeon both said to take it !!! - radiotherapy doesn’t seem to have had any affect on the side effects -I’m still boiling one minute and freezing the next - and my bed is still soaking most nights ! Ah well - Christmas will soon be here !!
Maddy x

Thanks everyone for that and for answering so quickly … put my mind at rest.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and are able to forget this awful disease for a short while.
Love Sue xx