Tamoxifen Prescribed Worrying About Leaflet Warnings

I’ve been prescribed 20mg of tamoxifen following surgery to remove a small tumour.  I’ve read through the leaflet and now I feel terrified to start taking it! Did anyone else feel this way?  

Do not worry Savvy. I’ve been on Tamox since May and have had no real side effects. Everywoman is different and some brands seem to suit women with regard to side effects. Teva and Mylan seem to be good ones if you see on this site. I was put on anti depressant Citalopram when first diagonsed Jan 15 stiill on 20mg a day and my oncs said they stop the side effects of Tamox. See how you go and we’re all here for you. Thats the best thing about this site you dont have to face this alone. Hugs Dee xx

Hi Savvy

Please give tam a chance.Like you I was terrified after reading the leaflet to the extent that I  would start shaking when I  put the tablet into my mouth.So I  did not take it for a whole year and was worried sick about

Recurrence. One day I suddenly  decided that I had to try it and subsequently  took it for 5 years with only a few minor flushes a day and really regretted not persisting.Am now on anastrozole  for 5 years

Good luck x






Hi Savvy It was with the greatest reluctance that I started taking tamoxifen on 1st Feb. Like you, I had read the leaflet & some horror stories on line. I know I’m only 3 weeks in, but so far so good. Why not give it a try? It could be OK after all. Not everyone is affected by bad side effects. I was reading some research about the effect of radiotherapy (didn’t want to do that either ?, but have forced myself & it’s actually been ok so far) on recurrence last week & it also included some data for people on Tamoxifen. It just reminded me that Tamox can make a big difference in preventing BC coming back. After what we’ve been through that’s surely worth trying. All the best. Only you can decide what’s right for you. x

I was also petrified of taking tamaxifen after reading the leaflet! However decided it was worth it if it meant that it could help prevent cancer returning. Have been taking it for three weeks now and so far no major side effects. Starting radiotherapy on weds. Everyone’s journey is personal, have found reading posts on this site really helpful in getting me through xx

Hi everyone, I posted earlier that no side effects so far. Since this weekend my husband has said he is treading on eggshells with me and I too feel like my mouth has no filter and say things Imwoukdnt normally, he said my smile has gone and I feel a little deflated and a bit sad.  This is not how I normally am.  I did have these side effects with ananstrozole among others. I don’t want my husband to feel like this for 10 years we have been through enough (he had bowel cancer the year before my diagnosis in2014)


not sure how I Feel about stopping the tablets. I may stop but not tell the family and see if anyone notices the difference as it seems the outside world notices more than me - my husband got his hard hat out yesterday and put it on at breakfast - which did make me smile - it broke the ice to chat about it. He is so patient. 


Apart from from this there are no side effects for me. I just don’t want to be the cow from hell and not even be aware I am being like that

Hi Bondgirl, when I was prescribed Tam my oncologist said not to worry about side effects in the first 3 months as it can take that long for your body to adjust to taking it. So if you can grit your teeth and give yourself 3 months, you may find things settle down and you can continue. Giving yourself a 3 month period might also help psychologically, rather than thinking about the 5 or 10 years stretching out endlessly in front of you!
I started taking it 4 Jan so have done 2 months now and I feel that my side effects like hot flushes and insomnia have started to settle down in the last couple of weeks.
I hope that helps but best of luck whatever you decide! X

Hi Savvy


Thanks for that, didnt take it last night but will think again. I work with my husband and tensions getting a bit fraut.