Tamoxifen - should I take it before or after radiotherapy?

Hi I am three weeks past surgery WLE & SNB, had a call from doctors to say my prescription was ready to collect - tamoxifen. I’m not sure when I’m meant to start taking it. I have an appointment with the oncologist next week to discuss radiotherapy - I’m having three weeks of this. I wondered if it’s best to take the tamoxifen straight away or leave it until after my radiotherapy - just wondered what other ladies have done? I rang my breast care nurse and she told me it was up to me so now I don’t know what to do for the best! I might wait to see what the oncologist has to say next week but anyone with any advice I would appreciate it!

Hi Sharnie,
I started my tamoxifen as soon as I got it which was 4 weeks post op and about 3 before I started my rads. I was keen to get on with it and had no ill effects at all.
I suspect your oncologist will also say it’s up to you.
Good luck,

Hi I received my Tamoxifen prescription 4 weeks after surgery but told not to take it until finished radiotherapy which was another 5 weeks. Think it depends on which hospital is treating you

Thanks for your replies - I think I will wait and see what the oncologist advises next week.

I was given mine by surgeon on day of lumpectomy results, they had them all ready for me when I got there and said I could start taking them straight away, didn’t start rads until over 5 weeks later and have had no ill effects from either so far thankfully! Jo xx

My onc told me to wait until rads had finished too x

My radiology doctor and onc said there was no reason not to start tamoxifen with rads so thst what i’m doing at the mo. I feel sooner i get started on tamox the better alrhough i was about 9 weeks post op before i started it and rads. Xx

Hi Sharnie,
My surgeon/onc advised me to start taking it asap on day i got the results of tests post op since it reduces risk (if any c cells or pre cancer cells remain it will help to stop them from growing)
However I had a few concerns about the whole no pregnancy while on tamoxifen matter so waited and spoke to the other onc for radio etc. She was of the view that a few weeks shouldn’t make too much difference (while I considered and got more info on the pregnancy matter) and that should I get side effects from radio it would be easier to see what the cause was.
I waited and started after…for me, I needed that time. It’s a personal decision weighing up the pro’s and con’s.