tamoxifen side affects

hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer june 2008 had mastectomy and 13 lymph nodes removed all clear.I have been taking tamoxifen for about 10 months now. I get the usual hot flushes but I also get a burning sensation in my remaining breast which worries me. I have been for a mammogram which came back clear and I mentioned my symtoms to the doctor but got no feed back. Do any ladies out there have a similar side effect.

HI, I have only just started taking Tamoxifen in the last week after being on Arimidex since Jan09. My oncologist suggested the change as the side effects from the Arimidex were getting very severe. (stiff joints, muscle pain and poor cognitive responses). I had a mammogram and ultrasound in August because my remaining breast was very sore. They were both clear. After 2 weeks off the Arimidex, my breast was no longer sore so I think this problem could be another side effect from hormone therapy. It is a worry but if your mammogram was clear,it is worth asking if it could be a side effect. Keep well.

Hey rasher,

I’m been on Tam since Nov 2007 and just recently I’ve been having aches in my other breast, my recent mammo was fine as well. I went along to the breast clinic and the consultant said it was probably a side effect of the tam. There is a thread about tam called tamoxifen buddies wanted where ladies are comparing experiences which might help you.

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thanks for the reply veggie I will check out the thread .