Tamoxifen side effects update

Hi lovelies;
Just bobbed on to say I am almost 5 months now on Tamoxifen (Mastectomy 6 months ago). Had side effects about months 3 and 4 nausea, headaches, low mood and fatigue however I can say for now they have all lifted. Nausea and headaches gone still fatigue about 3pm (like clockwork I start yawning!) but mood is better and I am feeling good (apart from a frozen shoulder i am exercising/walking).
I am post menopausal (10 years) but they felt Tamoxifen was the better choice for me. Grade 1 multifocal lobular/ductal. I appreciate one size doesn’t fit all but these were my findings and anything positive is worth posting that’s for sure! x

This may help some people starting out x


Thankyou. I’ve just had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy. Assuming clear margins etc the plan is for a week radiotherapy and then hormones. Ive been reading up on what to expect, some of which is quite scary! so this information is useful

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Hello ladies. Four years on tamoxifen here, and one year to go. It has caused stiffness and REALLY bad hot flashes, around every hour. Sleeping was rough with blankets on, blankets off etc. all night. But I started Veozah a few months ago and it’s a friggen miracle. The hot flashes are just about gone, although I still run hot - just not with the awful flashes.

Even with the improved state of being, I still look forward to next year when I can get off this stuff.

Hang in there. :heart:

Hi there,
I have been on tamoxifen for about a year and a half now. I have hot flushes, mainly at night, but some in the day. We changed our mattress recently as memory foam holds the heat. I was reluctant to change that due to the cost, but it has helped so much.

I do sometimes get fatigue but I feel it is manageable for me.

I find one particular brand has less severe side effects than another one so I always ask for that.

I too was told that the benefit is small, but I decided that I would do whatever I could to reduce my risk of recurrence.

It is a personal choice and I can understand those who decide not to take it, but I am happy with my choice so far.

Take care of yourself whatever you decide.
Katie x